Not as planned

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Annabeth's POV

I brush my tangled blonde hair and put it up in a high ponytail. It never listens to what I tell it so I gave up.

Percy and I are going swimming in ten minutes. He told me this 5 minutes ago.

I rush to my drawers and pull out my gray two-piece. I slip it onto my body and grab a duffel bag. Picking out two towels, sunscreen, extra clothes, and a few hair bands, I yell to Percy saying I'm ready.

He opens the door and I hand him the bag, "Can you put it in the car?" I ask him and he nods.

My sandals lie at the foot of our bed, I slip them on and run outside to see Percy starting the car.

I jump into the passengers seat, while he gives me a once over before saying,"You look great."

He pulls out of the driveway and starts down the street. "Why are we in such a rush?" I ask him.

"Piper's dad rented out the pool today for Leo's birthday. So we are all going to the pool for... well Leo's birthday." Percy says and I nod.

~skippidty to the pool~

We get there and it's decorated with tiki torches lining the pool, Hawaiian flowers on strings hang over the water, the wooden gate around the perimeter holds paper 'Happy Birthday' signs.

We head over to the picnic tables, Piper, Jason, Hazel, Frank, Reyna, Nico, and Will are already here. "Hey guys." Percy calls out to them.

"Hey Percabeth." Piper says when she sees us.

"What did you call us?" I ask, holding back my laughter.

"Percabeth. Get it? Percy and Annabeth, Percabeth." She says, as if it explains everything.

"Where's Leo?" Percy asks.

"It's a surprise party. Didn't you get my text?" Jason says. <let's pretend they can use phones>

Just then we hear Leo's laughter and we all immediately hide. The gate opens, "I still can't believe they forgot. I mea- AAAAHHHHH!" Before he finishes his sentence we jump up and yell 'SURPRISE!' which caused the scream.

"Happy birthday, Leo!" Piper exclaims.

"A party, for me!" Leo squeals (if you're an MCR fan, you'll get it. Hint: Mexico concert)

"Yeah man, let's get in." Jason says and we all jump in.

We play around in the pool for a while and then it's time for Leo's cake.

He lit his own candles but missed the wick and burned the table, which reached the gate , burning everything wooden in sight.

We all ran until Percy realized he could douse the fire.

Everyone decided we should probably head home and get away as fast as possible so we wouldn't be blamed.


When Percy and I get home, I get into the shower while he cooks.

Bad idea. Bad bad idea.

I hear a loud CLANG and turn off the water, wrapping a towel around myself I run to the kitchen.

"What happened!" I exclaim, taking in the scene. He's covered in a strange blue gunk, with a pot on his head, and only now did I realize the smoke alarm that was going on. The gas stove had a pot with a burning substance inside.

With one arm holding the towel, I turned off the stove, grabbed the handle, and tossed it in the sink. I step on a chair and turn off the alarm.

"I'll order a pizza, just don't ever cook again. Go change, Seaweed Brain." I say, he goes to our bathroom and starts a shower.

I pad to the bedroom and put on a gray tank top with ninja turtle pants. I grab my phone, call the pizza place, and go to the living room to wait.

When Percy gets out of the shower, the pizza is already here. We sit on the couch, snuggled up together, and eat pizza.

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