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Ya girl's back after what like a month. Let's gooo. *sighs* I'm an awful author but y'all ready for this. The past two chapters have been about them broken up because... idk but they were.


Let's begin shall we...

Qotd: favorite movie?

"Hey dude." Percy greets Jason as he sits down next to him on a park bench.

"Hey." Jason replies simply looking at something on the other side of the park.

Percy follows his gaze. Across the neatly trimmed blades of grass, Percy always wondered who cut it and when, sat two very attractive girls. One a brunette with unevenly cut hair and a beautiful face. The other a blonde, she too was beautiful.

"Oh gods who are they?" Percy asks, clear wonder on his face.

"The brunette is Piper McLean. She's so pretty... don't say anything but I've been kinda stalking her for the past two weeks." Jason says shyly.

"Bro that's creepy as hell... but who's the blonde?" Percy asks.

"Oh I don't have a clue, all I know is that she's Pipers best friend."

"Ah, so have you ever talked to Piper?"

"Not a word."

"Interesting. Well that's gonna change." Percy says grabbing Jason's arm and pulling him up off his seat.

"Wha- wait- NO!" Jason sputters, all too late because by the time he says no, Percy has nearly reached the destination.

"Hi, my name is Percy." He says once he reaches to the girls.

"I'm Piper, and this is my friend Annabeth." Piper says with an extended hand, "We saw you two staring," She laughs as Jason reaches the three of them out of breath from running, "Are you okay? You look like you just ran a marathon."

"Fine. I'm fine." He wheezes.

"This is Jason." Percy says looking at the blonde girl named Annabeth. She shows no interest in the conversation at all, she's looking down, reading a book. How odd.

Piper lightly hits Annabeth in the arm causing her to shoot Piper an annoyed glance. "What?" She asks sharply.

"Hi I'm Percy." Percy says, reaching to shake Annabeths hand.

"Nice to meet you. Now if you'll excuse me..." Annabeth rises off the ground, she's quite tall, in resemblance to a runway model. Her pale skin compliments her blonde hair and stormy grey eyes.

She walks to a nearby bench and shortly Percy follows leaving Jason and Piper alone.

"What book are you reading?" Percy asks her, hoping to strike a conversation.

"One with words."

"Well obviously, but what's the title?"

She gently inserts her bookmark and closes it. "Dream catcher by Stephen King." (A/NI'm actually reading that book right now and it's amazing.)

"You like horror books?" Percy asks, interested.

Annabeth gives a small smile, "Yeah, kinda like a mental preparation in case something terrifying we're to happen in the future ya know?"

"Yeah, but I'm not that big a fan of horror, I get nightmares." Percy says with a smile.

Annabeth laughs, "Ah so ur a cartoon type of guy?"

"How did you know?" Percy scoffs causing Annabeth to laugh louder.

"You're funny." She says.

He takes off an imaginary hat and bows, "All I aspire to do mi lady."

"Ooh a gentleman too, bet you're girlfriend is happy that she has you."

"If I had a girlfriend do you think I would be sitting here?"

"That's true." Annabeth giggles.

They stay silent for a while.

"Let me give you my number. Maybe we can meet up sometime?" She says grabbing a pen from her pocket and grasping his arm.

"Sure. That'll be great, maybe we can go to bookstore and I can show you my favorites. 'Finding Nemo: Return to the Sea'".  Percy says whilst laughing from the tickling sensation the pen makes him feel on his arm.

She clicks her writing utensil and stands once again. "Until we meet again Percy."

"Until we meet again." He says and watches her make her way back to where Piper and Jason stand in deep conversation, Piper occasionally laughs along with Jason until he walks to where Percy stands.

"Thanks man, I officially have a date with Piper McLean next week."

A successful day for both bros.

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