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So...Cynrick wasn't much of a talker. Neither was ridiculously big, bad man. Which left me to have this awkward conversation, with myself, all about our pack, the rules, a few stale flat jokes, what it means to be in a pack, our territory...you know the basics. Plus absolutely anything that popped into my mind. A person tends to go a little crazy when they're forced to have a spirited conversation by themselves for too long. We kind of just meandered around town for a while, while I rambled on and on. I really wished the guy would say something. I had absolutely no idea just how much 'werewolf 101' I was supposed to be giving this guy.

"So...How did you meet my brother," I tried for like the zillionth time to strike up a conversation.


Ah! It speaks!

"Our Alpha, we're brothers, kinda. How'd ya meet-"

My sentence, and almost success was cut off by a piercing scream for mercy.

"No! Please! It's my fault! I forced her! She didn't want it! Punish me, but let her go!"

I let out an aggravated huff and stormed off towards town square, not for the first time wishing I could just walk away from an impending confrontation. Only in werewolf society was it a regular occurrence to hear teenage boys publicly 'confess' to having raped their girlfriends. If rape were actually the issue in question, it would actually be more telling if the boy didn't confess. But, since the issue under contention was the alpha female's chastity restrictions on her pack females... Well, lets just say teenagers were apt to be promiscuous long before they became 'of age'.

"Hay there, Rixy," don't ask me what kind of bloody fucking name that was. I'm pretty sure her parents didn't name her that. "How are you today, Beautiful?"

Mental gag. But it was generally a more intelligent idea to flatter an alpha female as much as possible. And in no way was it ever a good idea to let her know you found her absolutely repulsive.

"I thought we agreed not to trouble ourselves with menial matters," god I sounded like the sleaziest of politicians, I could just feel the cheese coating my every smile. "Leave the runts to the council or something. No need to waste the time of such a dignified personage as yourself," cue disgusting sickening tawdry smile.

The smile she gave back to me in return made my blood run cold. Our queen bitch, smiling, before anyone had been stripped naked or at least bitch slapped? It meant the teenage girl struggling in her grasp was more than just a victim of our alpha female's petty tantrums. She was a calculated tumult, right out here in the middle of the town square...

"Perhaps you're right," I froze, blanching with trepidation. She tossed the girl to one of her enforcers, her attention entirely focused on me.

“So, why don’t you spend the day with me instead.” Her smile was sticky and poisonously grotesque. Being the strongest female in the pack obviously didn’t require looks, or proper hygiene. You could smell her sex from over ten feet away. Revolting.

Not that it wasn’t a common occurrence, considering we were werewolves, but something about her was particularly poignant, and foul, in feature and scent.

“You know how much I would relish that, My Love.” Her smile widened. “Unfortunately, our most beloved alpha has need of me as an escort for the time being.”

“How unfortunate,” she frowned – no, sneered at me. “It’s too bad. You really will have to find more time to spend with me, My Pet.”

I nodded and backed away carefully, never taking my eyes off her.

“Grab the kids, we’re going to the pack house,” I ordered the closest guard. Grabbing the arm of the great mammoth, who graciously allowed me to convey him away.

“I left a present for you, Enric.”

The sound of her voice, the nasty promise in it sent shivers down my spine, raising my hackles, sending bile up the back of my throat.

When we were a safe distance away my shoulders slowly began to relax, my body trembling slightly in relief. I was thankful to be able to breath properly again.

“So…That bit of unpleasantness was our current Regina Lupa, queen wolf, ‘Rixy’,” I couldn’t help but put quotational emphasis on the sorry excuse for a name. “Best stay clear of her if you know what’s best for you.”

Back at the pack house, where we’d started our incomplete little tour, I lead the, seemingly, docile giant to my office and ushered him inside.

"This is my office, there’s a TV on the side there and drinks in the little fridge if you’d like anything. Make yourself at home. I’ll be right back after I attend to the council. Mediating underage accidental pregnancies tend to be a bit of a nightmare, so it may take a while. Call the front desk if you get hungry or need anything in particular. Bathroom’s through there,” I pointed.

There was that awkward moment after my little rant where we just sort of made unintentional eye contact. Then, like the coward I am, I nodded and closed the door behind me. Retreating to the council meeting chambers.

It was only after the meeting started that I remembered there were man on man romance books scattered all over my office.


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