"So...um," I coughed. "Can we please pretend last night never happened?"

He just looked at me and nodded, in that gentle, stoic way he had.

We were sitting in a café I liked, eating breakfast and drinking some much needed caffeine. Me trying to shake off the shame that was me, myself, and I last night, more drunk than I'd ever been before.

Well, if I hadn't given him the wrong impression before...

The situation was made all the more awkward by the fact that I would like as not be spending the whole of the next week attached at the hip to Fezzik as I mentored him in his new position of pack drill sergeant. That was, until the actual drill sergeant I was trying to recruit took up the position. Until then, he would be teaching groups of our pack warriors my 'playbook', as they'd started calling it. - They had taken my football metaphor too literally. - It was a book of drills to simulate real life situations that might occur, but if presenting it like a ball game play helped to get the job done than was fine with me. For now.

I was actually hoping to move on from warrior 'playbook' to teaching things to the rest of the pack. But, that wasn't likely to happen anytime soon, especially since the pack warriors weren't even playing ball with me yet. Which is were Fezzik came in. He was large, intimidating, and he could understand the drills and their purpose. Not to mention translate most of that into a form the pack ogres could understand.

I thought wistfully of the MMA teacher I'd finally gotten a select group of pack members to start working with. I hoped eventually to get most of the pack involved with him, so he could teach each a style of self-defense, at least, that would best fit their body type. If I could at least get the pack into that...

I only then realized I'd spaced out. I wonder how long I'd just sat there like that, spacing out. The ever silent Fezzik patiently waiting it out beside me. The fruitcake.

"So, how come you don't talk?"

As I should have expected, there was nothing but silence for some time before he gave me yet another one word answer.



"I scare people."

"Yeah, well the silent treatment doesn't help bud."

I raised my hand to signal one of the buss kids and left a tip rather than pick up after myself. What? I was feeling particularly lazy today.

"Lets go." I threw my jacket over my shoulder and walked off, my reticent shadow never far behind.

We made it nearly three blocks before someone had my arm and was pulling me off somewhere. I immediately knew the problem the moment I realized where they were dragging me. The Withern family home.

Amanda Withern, bitch that she is, married one of the most submissive male weres in the pack. All so she could have little one hundred percent were babies. Of course, only once she got them and had no use for her mate did she realize that she couldn't drop her mate without loosing all rights to her children. As an archetype of evil monkey raping harpies everywhere, she of course had to not only cheat on him at every given opportunity, but try and spur him into doing something that would give her cause to take the kids away from their primary parent. She regularly took home tricks to cuckold the poor man. Whom, of course, refused to raise to the bait.

I kept trying to get Kryton to intervene in some way, but he seemed to have very little interest in the problem.

The sound of a fist hitting flesh met my ears, and once again that surreal feeling overtook me again. How could people just stand there and watch? What the hell is wrong with them?

I pushed some useless louse spectators to the side and stepped forward. I grabbed the asshole's shoulder pulling him off the small man.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!"

How did she even find these fuckers? How could she possibly be convincing so many different dumbasses to beat on a poor helpless little man. Fuck, why didn't Xander Withern fight back. This particular pig was fucking human for fucks sake!

I pushed the asshole away and moved to help the littlest Withern off the pavement. Seriously, I think his daughter would have wiped the floor with that tool.

"Why the hell did you let him do that?!" I chided the little bugger, holding his elbow to help keep him on his feet.

"Cuz now I get to file a restraining order," he explained, wiping some blood off his nose with a sleeve.

I heard a dramatic 'whoomph' from behind us. Looked like the reprobate behind us had tried to charge us, and gotten an enormous fist in the gut for it from my own personal body guard. It was actually quite funny to watch time stand still for a moment as the man gasped for air from with a diaphragm temporarily incapable of expanding.

"Why thank you Fezzik."

"You are very welcome," he replied.

I gasped at him. Not just at the number of words, but at the tone. He'd imitated Andre the Giant for me! He made a joke! He'd seen princess bride!!!

I think I just made a best friend.


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