A.N. I feel it's important to point out that Enric and Kryton are not biologically siblings. In fact, Kryton is not biologically descended of any alpha. He's the child of two random pack members that decided to have unprotected sex, his mother got pregnant, and the alpha female of the time adopted him and killed his mother for braking pack law. Kryton is older than Enric and grew up with him. Their sister, Rachel - Ray - is not biologically related to either of them either.



When I walked into my office the next morning there was a file waiting for me smack dab in the middle of my desk; not where our clerks left them. It took me about half an hour to get to the signatures at the end. And, half for the rising fear to set into my bones. All the progressive reforms I'd been pushing for were here in this bill, all signed and sealed. As were all of Kryton's funny new policy ideas. None of which I'd expected to get passed so long as our current queen bitch still ruled. And you know what they say about when something is too good to be true.

I heard the door open behind me and my brother's scent began to waft throughout the room.

"You want to tell me exactly how you got her to agree to your little proposals?" I asked, turning around to face him.

He wouldn't look at me. It was a bad sign when an alpha didn't want to stare you down.

"What did you do," I asked in a whisper, scared of his answer.

He breathed deep, reluctant. "I promised her she could barrow you every four months until-"

I didn't hear the rest, I was having a full out anxiety attach, breathing too fast, mind seizing. He didn't. He couldn't. Not her. Not me. Not with her!

I was lashing out, flailing, sobbing in fear. Someone had hold of my wrists, trying to bring me under control. But I didn't want to be under control, it wasn't safe. I wanted to be safe.

"Enric!" Kryton shouted before he was on top of me, chest to my back, teeth gouged the skin of my neck. It was an instinctive thing. Calming under that bite. Prey would panic and fight, and die. Pack calmed, submitted. As a good alpha, Kryton knew every instinctive trick to care for his people. I never really realized it before, but he'd been doing these little instinctive, subconscious, supports for me ever since I could remember. He'd always been there for me whenever I needed him most.

He growled into my spine, and I shivered in contentment, the feeling of safety engulfing me completely.

He growled again and I nodded carefully. "I'm...I'm ok. I'm ok."

Teeth unclamping slowly, arms shifting to hold me more gently, slowly pulling us both to our knees before letting me go completely.

"You're selling me...Like cattle."

"Never, Ricky, you're going to be ok."

"You're giving me to her! To HER!" The fear made my knees weak, my palms dry, my forehead perspire. "To the same woman who...who..." The memories were too vivid, too virulent, too much.

"Ricky, it's going to be ok."

"How the hell is it going to be ok?!"

"Shh. Shh." He took me into his arms rocking me gently. "It's just a ploy, Ricky. I'd never let her touch you. Never again."

The arms that held me could not ward off the chill of fear perforating my body.

"I needed her to sign. Everything we've been working towards, since long before you ran for office. It's all in there."

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