It had been over a week since Gladrial had come to stay with us. We still worked together on drills and such, but we had stopped seeing each other outside of it, now that he'd made such a large posey of friends of his own. You know, the normal way things go. You get to know someone, you grow apart, the natural order of things. My apartment was beginning to feel a little lonesome though. Which is why I was so extraordinarily surprised to come home to find someone in it now.

Kryton was laying on my bed, in nothing but his boxers - a curtesy to me, since he knew how much it wigged me out to have clothes you'd worn in the outside world grime up my bed. I was on the bed beside him - equally unclothe in moments. It had been months since our last 'movie' night, and I was exited to spend time with my brother again.

He smiled at me softly and wrapped one arm around me, pulling a laptop onto his thighs.

"What do you wanna watch?" He asked me gently.

"Anything but horror."

"The Ring it is."

I gave him a look deserving of that stale threat.

He laughed.

"Guardians of the Galaxy?"

"Deal," I smiled back at him.

No matter how old I got, I hoped I'd always be able to act this way with him. Like a spoiled little brat. Kryton was, in most respects, the closest thing to a father I'd ever had. I didn't even know who my blood father was, and Alpha male's weren't known for taking time off to cuddle other people's offspring, even their grandkids. For me, it had always been Kryton. Kryton kissing my booboos and teaching me how to stand up for myself. Kryton rescuing me from a bad situation. Kryton holding me when I cried. It had been a long time since we last spent time together; I'd missed him.

It was good to smile, watching funny movies was always better when there was someone there to laugh with you. That smile slowly waned as the movie ended though. I didn't want him to leave. I didn't want to be left here all alone again. But it was time for him to leave, so it was time for me to stop being a wilted cabbage and see him off.

"It was good to spend time with you again."

"I could stay the night."

I didn't comment, not sure what way I was supposed to take that. Was he just indulging me? Did he want a night away from 'the wife'?

I felt a twinge of guilt at that. He was only married to the bitch because he killed her husband to protect me from them both. I still had nightmares about the two of them.

"I actually came here because I wanted to spend some enjoyable time with you before you ended up hating me for all eternity."

I sighed. There was the other shoe.

"What did you do this time?"

He just gave me a smile more sombre and forlorn than any he'd ever given me before. It made my heart skip a beat in pain. Something was wrong. Very wrong. This wasn't just Kryton making another mess I'd have to clean up after, this was something else, something more.

"Jesus, Kryton, what is it?"

He sighed, got up, and started to put his clothes on.

My pulse was racing now.

"Kryton please, whatever it is we can work it out. Can't we?"

"That's up to you, Ricky."

Ricky. It was his pet name for me as children. It was a very rare occasion that he used it. His using it now made the pet name sound more like "goodbye" than the endearment it had once been.

"You made friends with our new enforcer, the Goliath one, Gladrial?"

I nodded.

"How'd you like him?"

"He was nice enough."

"Good. The day after tomorrow you're mated to him."

I didn't shoot up in bed. I didn't scream and shout. I sat there, in shock, confused. As Kryton walked right out my door; never once looking back.

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