"So, what about marking each other and whatnot. Don't we have to do that? How does that work?"

"Fuck no. We're not barbarians. That shit hurts worse than being punched in the dick!

"Most packs are really just single household families. A couple, their kids, their parents, and any freeloading siblings or friends that end up living with them. It's actually very rare to have a composite pack like this where several different families came together to form an organized community.

"The position of Omega means different things in different packs. Usually, Omega is like the archaic term for NEET, and to be made an Omega is to be made the pack whore. In other packs it basically means you have no responsibilities what-so-ever, the pack provides everything for you, but you have less rights so other members of your pack, or certain members of your pack, can pretty much do whatever they want to you."

"If most packs are immediate family...that's rather cruel isn't it?"

"Well, yeah," I laughed. "That's why most packs don't have one. In fact, outside of commune/composite packs made up of over a hundred people, you'd have to have a pretty fucked up family to have an Omega caste."

He paused to think about that for a while. I kind of wanted to change the topic, but now we'd started this conversation it was all I could think of. I was used to explaining my position to peoples.

"A few centuries ago, our pack Omega was kind of like a glorified mistress position. The alpha couple agreed on someone, appointed them, and then that had to go live with the alphas doing whatever the alphas felt like having them do. Sometimes the alphas would even appoint two. Then somewhere along the line, the Omegas worked their way up from house cleaner and bed warmer to clerk and bed warmer.

"Then about a hundred years ago there was a particularly lazy alpha couple who pretty much left running the pack to their Omega while they spent all day humping each other. Raven Havenstat, she's actually a pretty famous legend in our pack."

"You want to tell me what's going on with your current...what do you call it. That Rixy woman."

"Rixy's former mate wasn't the type of man who took well to having a possible rival to his authority. He used the whole unspoken, implied sexual position of the Omega position to 'assert his dominance'. Rixy and he got really into. It...got bad. That's why Kryton challenged for the alpha position in the first place, to save me."

As we lay in bed, I opened up to him about exactly what Rixy and her last mate had done to me. Worse, certain...things my body had come to crave. I showed him a diary detailing some of the...fantasies. If that is what you would call them.

"I don't know if I'd feel comfortable doing these," he replied honestly reviewing one or two.

My heart lurched, knowing my body was going to crave it whether my mate was willing to provide or not. That's why people with BDSM tendencies, minor or involved, generally had to be careful finding a partner. While being a submissive could be a freeing experience with someone trustworthy, you still had to find a trustworthy companion willing to consent to be your dominant. Because that's how it worked. You drew up fantasies together, and with a way out at anytime for both of you. BDSM, done right, was about the submissive's fantasies, not the dominant's. Which meant you had to find a dominant willing to consent. Which wasn't always easy, especially if you weren't matched with someone with this in mind.

I knew for a fact, no matter how faithful I tried to be, if he couldn't do this for me - not all of it, but at least some - I would stray. Maybe not today, maybe not for forty years, but eventually I would need my needs met. If he hadn't been a throwback, I wouldn't be so worried. I'd just let him know it was something I needed and if he couldn't do it we'd find a third he didn't mind taking care of me every now and then. But, Gladrial's mentality, the customs to which he was accustomed to tended to be painfully human.

"This one, this I could do."

My heart lifted in relief. I craned over to look at the passage he was pointing at. It was much. Just being ordered naked, onto the bed, and ordered to touch myself while he watched. Not much - to me - but a start. And that was good.

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