We met my brother at a local bar for dinner that night. Which is where my brother took me aside for a moment to ask me to try and seduce my gigantic bed…house guest. 

"He's an asset to the sheer impression of force to this pack," Kryton said stiffly.

"He's a liability." I'd been trying to talk my brother out of his crazy idea since the moment our new guest left us to visit the restroom. It was backfiring on me. Not only was this seduction not just some punishment of whimsy for me, it was a well thought out plan to keep me, apparently a potential rival, from breeding. And now the entire pack would know it, seeing as we weren't the only weres in the building. Hell, half of them were sitting at the table with us to give our new pack member a greeting. Worse, by some stroke of rare genius, my brother giving me the order to pursue a mating with our newest member...it actually seemed to be somehow calming the weary weres come to see this new threat. Somehow it was negating the sheer imposing stature of the new guys mighty frame. Was it that he was gay? Or that their own love interests weren’t at risk? That he was obviously intended to start a family here? Or was being matched with me somehow affecting their attitudes towards him?

Was I too soft? Too friendly? Too approachable?

Granted that was in my job description, but to expect me to leash this beast should he ever turn sour…

Was Enric planning to loose to this giant? Trying to protect me should that ever happen? Maybe save himself by making this monster his adoptive brother in law?

Fuck! How could I possibly think my way out of this when I didn’t understand what was going on?!

Did my brother even consider what would happen to me, what Mr. Imposing, the big friendly giant would end up doing to me, physically, if we actually did end up mating? Or maybe that was why; because if he picked a smaller guy the poor fellow might end up suffocated while mating. 

You've got to be kidding me, I thought as Mr. Imposing, himself, lumbered back to thud down right next to me. His bulk looming over me.

I couldn't finish my meal fast enough. Which was a mistake because, for once, Kryton did not dismiss me. He wanted to welcome his new meat with a party, right there at the bar. And forcefully liqueured me quickly, casually confiscating my water from me, several times. 

"How bout you get that brother of mine dancing," he shouted his suggestion at the brick wall next to me. It moved to stare at me. The brick wall. Stared at me. With bright, silvery eyes. Just before carefully helping me to my feet.

Guess the seventh tequila shot had finally caught up to me. The once jarring music suddenly seemed fun and upbeat. My anxiety attack was working it's way out though my feet, through the ends and tips of me as I threw my entire body into the music. Trunk, hips, arms, and legs moving wildly. Everything, even my head got into it. 

I wasn't aware of the people around me or how the mammoth man backed off timidly as a circle opened up around me and I got a mixed sex circle dance started. That was something I always did when dancing. Making a non-couples circle for dancing, making sure all lonesome souls were included. Which at some point included getting the recalcitrant muscled furnishing to join in. It took constant encouraging, for what had to be a full hour before he finally felt comfortable kinda jiggling nervously in our circle. I worked the circle, giving everyone attention again, throwing attention hogs out of it. This was my dance circle, my domain. And in my dance circle attention whores were bullies and bullies deserved to be bullied. I muscled a big man and his girlfriend out, dancing chest to chest with them, again and again, until they finally noticed how I was excluding them.

Hey if they wanted an audience to watch them molest each other there were plenty of other places for that.

"Are you blocking me man?"

I smirked at him derisively. Seemed like the asshat finally got it.

"What's your problem man?!"

I turned my back on him to return to the circle of why dancers finally beginning to let loose comfortably.

"Hey, I'm talking to you," the man laid hands on me, spinning me around. Now I'm not a small man, maybe 5'8", 5'9", but I wasn't exactly thinking coherently. Dehydrated, pumped up, and half wasted, he had me spinning around to face him. His drunken anger pervading only faintly. My lumbered brain wasn't even processing what to do with him, it was too busy planning incorporating Irish dancing kicks in with some serious body twisting. You know, the important stuff.

I didn't even register he'd hit me until a warm, muscled chest caught me. God his shirt was all smooth and silky... So cuddly.

"Is there a problem," what passed for a bouncer - a buddy of the owner willing to throw kids out past nine for a free pint at nine thirty - asked...me? I closed my eyes and let myself sleep a little bit as the warm cuddly thing holding me answered him for me.

Did drunk annoying prick get tossed out? I could no longer see him. I hoped so.

"Hey, you ok?" Way too stiff pillows propped up either of my cheeks to make me look at...him. Bed. Head. Headboard. Talking to me.

"Sleepy," I complained groggily. Leaning against him again to go back to sleep, hips still swaying to the now slow music. For a while, I think my human bed swayed with me.

"Come on, let's get you home." I gruffed distressedly as I was thrown into a fireman's carry. I was almost two hundred pounds and 5'10" – ok, one seventy-ish and 5’8” – so the carry made sense. But, my head really would have appreciated a princess carry right about here.

Not having to walk was good enough for me though. Eventually, even in the position I was in, I dozed off, hands drunkenly smacking that huge ass.

The next thing I was aware of, I was wiggling out of my pants, trying to shove off my boxers without sitting up.

"Will you give me a hand," I asked the terrified big man irritably. He just kept watching me, eyes wide and shining. I growled at him irritably until he came to me. I nearly kicked him as he tried to slide my pants off slowly. It took a moment to register that I still had shoes on my feet. Which was something I'd get all OCD creeped about tomorrow morning.

Large trembling mitts engulfed my hips before helping to slide my boxers down my hips just a little bit. I sat back and relaxed until I realized he'd paused a while ago. His soft breath could just barely be felt on my exposed privets he was leaning so close.

I bucked my hips a bit, giggling immaturely as his lips and chin touched my balls and shaft, not necessarily in that order.

His breath came in with a jagged hiss.

The last of my garments were removed quickly, my thighs splayed wide open. I grabbed my shaft and groped myself absentmindedly, wallowing in drunken bliss. 

And that was the last thing I remember before cuddling into my pillow and falling asleep.


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