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"Are you angry?"


Despondent. Confused. Forlorn. Resigned. But not angry. Angry was for when there was something you could do about it. Angry was for when angry would make things better. Angry here would only make things worse, ever so much worse.

"I get it Kryton. Just take me to my mate."

He searched my face for something before turning around and leading me away. I don't know if he'd found anything there. Crying always left more marks than you'd like. Then again, maybe he wanted me to be angry, to punish him and forgive him, like when we were children. Maybe resignation wasn't what he was looking for. I don't know. I don't know what he wanted to see, nor what he found, but whatever was there - or not there - we would have to sort out later. But not now, not now.

Rixy must have had a lot more influence than I'd thought. From the moment Kryton took over as alpha, I thought it would take a week, maybe less, and she would be challenged and killed in combat. If Kryton had resorted to this, Rixy had to have the other females cowed. And she'd been making moves to undermine her new mate, most likely planning to use me. If Rixy was making moves, I had been negligent not to have seen them, or the impact they were having on my brother. - Not that I was saying that this was my fault. Kryton was not off the hook for handing me off this way. But...Whatever Rixy was up to was another issue I was going to have to deal with.

We found Gladrial pacing the pack gardens, the fancy one a previous alpha female had had installed when I was a pup that reminded me more of something out of a human magazine than what nature would have made.

"Are you angry?"

That was the first thing my new mate asked me as we faced each other. 'Are you angry?' If he thought it was going to make me angry, why the hell had he done it in the first place.

"I'm not angry.

"And go home Kryton. I'm not a nervous virgin bride. What is this a wedding ceremony? Shoo."

Kryton ruffled my hair again, smiled at me sadly and turned away.

Part of me felt bad. Felt like I should stop him and make sure he knew I wasn't angry. That I knew he hadn't had a choice. But, before I could resolve myself to say something...he was gone.

"I'm sorry," Gladrial blurted out guiltily.

Again, if he was going to regret it, why'd he do it? Mating was generally rather a permanent decision.

"I didn't really understand how this would work. Thought maybe he asked you first. I thought that's how it worked in Arranged Marriages, you know? I kind of panicked when he asked me.

"I thought he would say no, you know. He is your brother, isn't he?"

I nodded. We continued walking. What exactly was that supposed to mean?

"Perhaps he does not love you the way I thought he did."

"I don't know," I snarked back at him. "You secured yourself a husband without all the hassle of having to date a guy, actually ask and all that. Perhaps you are not as romantic as I thought you were."

He winced.

"That did not come out correctly." He rubbed the back of his neck. "I lived most of my life among humans. I always thought I would propose, you know."

He was saying that phrase a lot tonight, 'you know'. It was mildly annoying.

"If I asked you now, would you say no," he asked embarrassedly.


He looked down at his feet forlornly.

"I'm sorry. We don't have to go through with it, you know. It's not like I'm going to force you."

I chuckled at his misunderstanding.

"No, you big lug. No, I wouldn't say no." I laughed at him.

Not that I have a choice. I'd have agreed to live off worms in his basement if it was the only alternative to being at the mercy of a demon like Rixy Montagini.

My Big Friendly Giant smiled at me warmly and pulled me into a hug.

"I still plan to propose, if that's ok with you."

I shrugged. If he wanted a human ceremony, that was fine, but I sure as hell wasn't paying for it. I knew how much that shit cost.

"According to pack law, we're already mated. All we have to do is have sex and it's all signed and sealed."

The big guy looked away uncomfortably, coughing into one hand. Being raised by humans meant he probably didn't realize I could smell that burgeoning scent of his arousal.

"Not to sound weird, but I'd actually like to get that done as soon as possible." His silver eyes shown with a rim of white around them as he turned back to me in shock. "It's not official until the pack can smell it on us. And...I don't know how much Kryton told you, but it's best...better, if it was official. Asap."

Now I was the one shifting uncomfortably.

"I don't mean to steal your honor. We could-"

"Stop thinking like a human," I cut him off. "We don't coddle our daughters that way in the first place. As far as I'm concerned we're already married. May as well enjoy the sex."

He tried to act shy and embarrassed, but my nose knew better.

"I would like you to meet my family." He was back to rubbing his neck. 

I told him I wanted to have sex, and his first thought is 'let's meet the family'?!

"Fine, but we finalize things tonight."

How had things gotten so screwed up that I was ordering Goliath to split me in half up the backside?

Fuck my life.


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