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My wife was cheating on me again. She brought this one to dinner. She does that sometimes. I don't mind.

I'm not naive, like she thinks I am. I'm deliberately dense. As long as I don't acknowledge her paramour or her behavior there's no reason for her to make an issue of it. So long as I decline to start something, she can't actually leave me. We have three pups. Three beautiful angels she only ever got permission to gestate because she was mated to me - a male in no way dominate and therefore of no consequence or threat to anyone. I was the mother, male body parts aside. Pack never parted mater and child without good reason. She needed me to do something wrong or she was bound to me. And as much as I would give her her freedom... My kids are mine. I wasn't going to do anything to jeopardize that.

"Xander, right?" Amanda's newest paramour offered me his hand after setting down dishes next to the sink. I was impressed. None of my wife's other conquests had ever helped me to clear the table. Or attempted to have a civil conversation with me. - Except her lone human boyo, which had been a disaster for entirely different reasons.

I nodded, shaking his hand before getting to work rinsing plates before arranging them in the dishwasher.

"I'm Tyler. It's nice to meet you."

I nodded at him and went back to loading the dishes. Not to be rude, but I did have three kids to get to bed after this so I wasn't hoping to get into a conversation with the man my wife was using to cuckold me.

"So, I don't know if Amanda's talked to you yet. It's awkward for all three of us."

No, dude. I'm pretty sure that's just you. The rest of us are used to it.

"I was hoping we could come to an agreement between the three of us."

That comment made me pause. What, exactly, did he mean by that? Did he want to have some fun with me on the side? Because that just wasn't going to fly. Not even Amanda would go for that...again...not with him. I think.

I subconsciously inched a bit away from our visitor. He may seem nice, but I certainly didn't want to be giving him the wrong idea.

"Amanda's my soul mate, my wolf's match. She told you that, right?"

This boy was crazy if he thought my wife and I actually talked. Then again, if he went through one of those 'soul choosing' rituals he was obviously crazy. Maybe I should be careful to make sure he was never alone with my kids. I was generally careful of that anyway, but my wife had never brought home someone quite so...gentile and disarming as this one was.

"I'm hoping to make this transition as painless as possible. I mean, the ceremony says Amanda and I were meant to be together."

Good for you. I finished loading the dishes and moved on to washing delicates, knives, and anything I'd used to cook that had teflon on it.

"It can be dangerous for us...for me at least, at this point...you know...if we reject each other. I mean...I'm sorry...It hadn't even occurred to me that my mate might be...you know...happily married."

Is the kid blind?

"Anyway. I just wanted to say I'm sorry, and I hope you don't resent me."

Get the woman out of my life without taking my kids and I'll buy you the most expensive wedding present I can take out a loan for.

I finished washing everything and bowed to the younger man, a mark of submission so he didn't take my leaving badly. The kids still needed to be put to bed.

I could here them as I made my way up the stairs.

"Did you talk to him at all? I think the man hates me."

"Xander? Pft," she laughed at me. "Xander doesn't have the backbone to hate Hitler."

"See that's the problem. He's so submissive, even if he wants to rip your throat out you won't get anything out of him. He must hate me, and feel too timid to do anything about it."

"So what if he is? Who cares what he thinks?"

"I'd hate me, if I was taking you away from me."

"Aw! That's so cute!"

I rolled my eyes and continued up the stairs to round up my little rascals. It was sad that they knew better than to come downstairs when their mother had a guest over. They were all in the single digits; too young for this bullshit.



She threw her arms around me, her scent enveloping me. My wolf wagged it's tail in excitement. It was weird to think of my wolf as a separate being. Before the ceremony it had been just me, my urges, and my other urges, now it was me, my wolf, and our separate urges. I could feel his excitement, his need for Amanda, it overwhelmed me sometimes, but it never really felt like mine. It made me feel nervous, like I wasn't as committed to my mate as I should have been, as any mate deserved to be. The whole thing was quite frankly frustrating. The ceremony should have made my heart clear, centered, unified. Instead, I felt even more uncertain than I had ever been.

And I expect a happily married man to step aside for such wish washy feelings?! With kids, none the less. That was probably the worst part. I wasn't ready for kids yet. I still felt like Ron Weasley repotting a fucking mandrake root any time someone offered to let me hold their baby. And here my mate turned out to have not just one, but three fucking kids! What the hell was I going to do with the little buggers?

At least I could pass them off on their father, he seemed like he'd be happy enough to take them. The problem would just be convincing Amanda to let them go. But, seriously, it would be for the kids own good. No way in hell would I make a good father. I was just starting college in the fall. We could be the cool parents that spoiled them on weekends and then sent them back home to someone who would take good care of them.

God, I'm such a selfish prick.

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