After... everything...in my office...I had no idea how I was supposed to tell this man that he was going to have to stay in my room for a while. And he probably wouldn't fit on the couch, if I'd had one. And I preferred to sleep naked.

The cosmos itself was conspiring to make this as awkward as possible.

"So...Yeah...Alpha's orders are you're to stay in my place for the time being. I'm really sorry about this. Kryton tends to forget that my 'apartment' consists of one room and a bathroom. So, until I can get through his thick skull to the sorry excuse for a brain he's got, you and I are going to be absolutely miserable."

BFG just tilted his head at me. Like a dog. Without comment.

"Ok then. I don't know if your much of a touchy feely person, but if you want to live in a pack you're gonna have to become one.

"Oh, nudity rules! You were raised by humans so this one is kind of important. You're going to see people naked, quite often. Get used to it, it's not a big deal. It is not an expression of sexuality; it's not sexual at all. Mind out of the gutter. Get over yourself.

"Kitchen rules in our building work sort of like a college group house. Mark what's yours unless you don't mind sharing. I have a minifridge in my room if you wanna keep stuff in it, but it won't fit much."

I figured I'd approach the whole 'I sleep naked part', when we got to it, as if it were just something all werewolves did. Totally normal...He was a throwback, he wouldn't know any better.

"Sorry we ran out of time to show you around town today, is there anything in particular you want to see? I'll make some time for tomorrow morning." I pulled out my cell phone to make a list of places to visit tomorrow so I could plan it out without forgetting anything or backtracking.

There was silence for a few moments before I looked up at the big friendly giant to see him meekly shaking his shaggy head at me. Whatever that was supposed to mean.

I sighed.

"Let me know when you think of something. I'd hate to meander around aimlessly for too long. Come on," I motioned forward. "Lets try and get some shut eye."

I lead him back to my room in one of the singles group houses.

"I'll get a spare key made for you tomorrow. I don't know about you, but I'm beat. I'm gonna take a shower and head to bed. Sorry about the squeeze," I gestured to the queen sized bed, the only furnishing in the room besides my armour, bookcase, desk, and of course the minifridge. "Like I said, my brother's an idiot. Whatever stuff you have will have to stay in boxes wherever they are now until I get this all settled out."

I walked into the bathroom, throwing my clothes to the floor as I stripped out of them.

"You can take a shower after me, feel free to use my stuff."

I looked back to see his silver eyes wide as saucers as he studied my naked body from the foyer. Shit, I forgot his human sensibilities. Closing the bathroom door had never even occurred to me.

Since nudity was something he was just going to have to get used to, I ignored how his humanity was making something awkward out of something perfectly benign, and continued into the shower. I did however keep a towel wrapped around my waist when I got out. I kept it there until it worked itself loose as I slipped under the covers. It was somewhat amusing to study my new roommates expression as his eyes followed that towel to the corner of the room, where I tossed it. The look that came over his face as he realized I was wearing absolutely nothing under the covers was hilarious. I might have laughed if I wasn't wigging out myself that I was supposed to squeeze myself and a small mammoth onto one bed, with me all wet and bare under there.

Nice to meet you! Let's start off our acquaintance by cuddling our damp, naked bodies against one another! I prayed to god he mistook this as weird werewolf cultural shit. In a way it was, werewolf cultural humiliation by alpha order.

"Night," I smiled cheerfully at him and turned my back, trying to pretend I found absolutely nothing strange about any of this.

God, I was such a bad liar.

Fuck My Life.

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