I snorted as I tossed yet another silly Alpha and Omega slash story off my chair to the corner of my desk. Once my adoptive older brother had become alpha, my adoptive sister's obsession with a 'smexy gay boys pairing' in the family had culminated in her leaving LGBT romance novels and magazines all over my bedroom and office. Luckily, I wasn't likely to be meeting anyone new in these offices to give a wrong impression to...but you got the picture.

The current offensive tomb was of the alpha and omega werewolf variety. - Thanks to bloody hell fucking Twilight. - Ridiculous on multiple levels. Especially the boyxboy pairs. (The only kind my sister recommended I read.) One the alpha pair are the only two in a pack allowed to mate. Two, the alpha is generally more chosen by the alpha female when a pack gets started, so if anything the pairing should be girlxgirl. (Not my sister's favorite sub-genra.) Three, an alpha pair is made up of two dominant personalities; not one and an extreme sub. And, most importantly, Omega does not translate to slave of the pack!!!

Ok maybe it did once. Maybe in most packs the Omega still is the most submissive and works as a sort of pack councilor, or mediator, or whore, or what have you... BUT THAT IS NOT THE BLOODY RULE!!!

I would know. I have the honor of being my own pack's Omega, and I was no fucking submissive. I got the title for being the least 'lupine' and most human among them. Went with the job description. And, no, my job was not derogatory. It was prestigious. You had to be voted in by a majority of the pack. I had to campaign for fucks sake!

I was the pack Omega, and in my pack, that meant being the brains of the operation. I had near as much power as the Alpha.

Gladiator battling your way to the top did not make for the most effective leaders, which is why my pack, with it's near duel leadership, was on it's way to the top. I'm not saying we had all this power over other packs, or a vast territory, but we had more than our neighbors did. - Our neighbors being every pack in the American Midwest!

And I had all the power here! Behind the Alpha of course. Who doesn't count because we all know Kings are just essential figureheads who rise and fall - usually according to whether or not they follow the sage advice of the thinking members of their operations. Which in this case means me!

Booya people!

All over half an entire year before my adoptive big brother challenged and banished our old Alpha and landed himself a slutty new badass wife. - Whom I didn't expect to live much longer. Every woman she'd ever denied the right to have a less than a half human child with was edging towards, or egging someone else towards, killing the bitch. - Haha. Literally, she was the pack bitch! Get it? - And it didn't help her chances of survival to have a handsome new stud for an Alpha male.

Oh, maybe you caught that last part. That's right, in weresociety - at least wolf-were-society - you had to have the Alpha female's permission to 'breed', as it were. Pack law stated all women of age had to be on birth control, and all married females not bonded to a human (or something else equally non-were) lost the right to go off it. By risk of banishment. Even my mother, at the time the Alphas' only daughter, wasn't exempt from that rule. Worst part was probably that, even if the woman wasn't banished, the Alpha female confiscated the pup to raise as her own. Which made Grandma into Mommy for me, not a good thing considering how she died. And that I'd thereafter had to call the woman that killed her 'Mommy'.

Yep, the life of your average werepup was majorly screwed up. Which is why I campaigned for office. My first act had been to bring in genetic specialists to explain why the Alpha female had to at least allow a certain amount of other were-were couples to bread. Pulling teeth that was. Made me surprised they'd even let the shifting half bloods survive to their majority. God damn cave minded idiots!

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