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A.N. I decided to add chapter four since it helps explain why Enric fears and loathe Rixy so much, and emphasizes exactly what Kryton saved him from without being...too graphic. This is not a happy chapter. In fact it's just a blurb I never actually finished. But here you go. Indirect trigger warnings.


I ran back to my office after the meeting already knowing the damage was done. What I didn't expect when I got back to my office was to see the enormous hulk known as Gladriel staring at my TV in shock. Grunting and moaning, and other distinctive sex noises where coming out of my TV. I walking shaking in anger...until I actually caught a glimpse of the TV, to see...me...and him...and her.

I ran to the TV, turning it off as quickly as possible before scurrying to the bathroom to void the contents of my stomach. Somewhere therein, large hands held me comfortingly, stroking my back, holding my hair back away from my face with every heave.

I'd forgotten about the bitch's 'present'.


Chapter 2 is still an optional chapter and available separately in a separate book

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