-three days later-


I came home to find my wife blowing her newest boyfriend on the living room couch. Sadly, our kids already knew exactly why they should avoid all parts of the house "Mommy" might be in when she smelled like THAT. The man had the decency to put some guilt into those me wide, panicked, dilated eyes he gave me. My wife just snorted at me and went back to distracting herself with his cock. I couldn't really blame the man for loosing his composure as he came down her throat.

Part of me was glad I'd stop trying to kiss that. God only knows what STDs she was bringing home to me.

I'd thought this beu was a bit different, the romantic type, but if he was letting her blow him already maybe he wasn't quite so different after all. Then again, I couldn't really blame him, my wife had quite a talented tongue. Or, at least, I assumed she still did. It has been a few years.

"Evening Amanda, I was just about to start on the kids' dinner. Will you and our guest be joining us?"

Please say no.

"Hmm. Yeah, I think we will be. Right, Tyler?"


Well, there goes my chance of being able to wank tonight.

"Perfect," I smiled at them and walked back towards the kitchen.

Couldn't have called to tell me that while I was shopping for ingredients. Nope, that would have been far to civil.

Since I didn't enjoy getting clawed across the face, I was just going to have to keep those thoughts to myself. Then again, she was trying to play nice for her new beu so far. Even Amanda could tell he was a far more 'gentle' soul than she was. Which probably meant he wasn't going to last very long. Witch voodoo or not. At least I might be able to buy myself a few abuse free nights at his expense. Maybe not. We'd see.

I made dinner, and brought the kids up to the playroom for them. No need for them to meet mommy's "friend" he wouldn't be here long. Probably.


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