Oh My God. What had I done?!

Yes, my wife had drugged me and tied me up in the closet. Yes, I had been desperate for release long before my wife finished with her boy toy. Yes, when he'd walked toward the closet all I'd done was fantasize about this younger man dropping to his knees and taking me in his mouth. Settling for his hands hadn't seemed so bad, even when he'd started fingering my ass. Yes, I'd cum, and I'd enjoyed every moment of what he done to me, even the parts that had hurt like a son of a bitch. And, yes, I'd been happy to have seconds.

But, waking up to find my wife taking pictures with her phone, wiped away all traces of pleasure might have remained with me. Homosexuality was sometimes considered bad enough to get wolves driven out of their packs. If she went to the council with this, which no doubt she would, the bitch may just have what she needs to take my babies away from me!

"Oh my god, Amanda!" Tyler startled awake, sitting up abruptly. "It must have been those pills you gave us. There's no way we would have-"

"Then they did their jobs," she cut him off, smiling satisfactorily.

A cold shiver went down my spine. She'd manipulated both of us, even her "soul mate" in order to get some proof to use against me with the council. This entire thing, her entire episode with the poor, clueless Tyler, was all an act from the beginning. She knew this was going to happen, she planned the whole damn thing. Spiking our drinks with a cocktail of drugs. Getting us hot and leaving us to each other. And, I'd fallen for it. Fallen right into her trap. And there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it.

My mind in full on panic mode I washed, threw on some clothes and ran towards the pack house. Hopefully, Enric would be in his office.


Unfortunately for me, our Omega wasn't in the office yet; the Alpha was.

"You want me to agree to an arranged homosexual marriage, to a man I've never met?"

"For the sake of your pack, for the sake of your pups, yes."

"And if I refuse?"

"Then I leave you to the mercy of the council. Whether they decide to kick you out, take your kids away...It'll be out of my hands."

Damn this man! I gritted my teeth. I had been drugged, there was a chance the council would sympathize with me. But, I couldn't take that chance; I couldn't run the risk of loosing my kids, most especially not to Amanda.

"How do I know he won't be bad for my pups?"

"Choose him yourself. I have a list."



I couldn't let this happen to him. How could my mate do this to him? To me? To us? How could the other half of my soul do something so...evil?

I couldn't understand; I couldn't comprehend this. What was going on?

"We'll if you understand, it's about time you left our territory." The alpha sat back down at his desk, turning away from me dismissively.

"What if I take him. What if we become mates."

The alpha turned back to me raising an eyebrow. When I didn't give any non-verbal cues of giving it up, he sighed.

"I'm sorry pup, but Xander's become a bargaining chip, and you're not high enough currency to buy him. Now get the hell out of my office."

His security stepped forward to remove me from the room.

"What is then," I shouted desperately. "What is it you're bargaining him for?"

The alpha sighed again, waving off his guard detail.

"We're looking for strong enforcers, or persons with specialized skill sets. Neither of which apply to you pup."

"What if I can become one of those?"

He raised another skeptical brow at me.

"You, an enforcer?"

"Not that, a specialist. What kind of specialists are you looking for."

He chuckled at some sort of internal dialogue, eyes to the sky in internal thought. "Ask my brother, he's got a whole list." He waved me away.

"And if I can become a specialist?" I asked quickly.

That made him laugh. "Tell you what, you come back a better man than the one I hook him up with; we'll talk."

"So you're going to sell him off anyway?"

This sigh was rather sad an exasperated. I wondered how many times you could make an alpha sigh before he cut your head off.

"Listen kid. I'm not a charity. If I'm taking the time to protect him, I expect something from him in return. And it's not like waiting would be any good for Xander either. He's got three kids to take care of and he's been out of the workforce for nearly ten years now. He needs a breadwinner to take care of him, and that means he doesn't have time to wait for you to become some extraordinary success story! Do yourself a favor and go home, listen to your parents this time. Stop chasing after fairy tails and falling stars."


A.N. It's been so long since I looked at this that I was really able to get back into writing it / get the creative juices flowing.

However, rereading it now, this story really looked so much more shoddy than I thought it was. So threadbare, without adequate transitions, without proper meat to explain the strange situations coming to pass. etc.

Is my story complete shit?

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