Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Red hair seemed to be the most distinguishing feature in the small little kitchen of the burrow. Severus Snape stood in the corner and everyone assumed he was brooding like usual but it was far from the truth. Molly was shuffling around the kitchen, baking up a storm for the arrivals.

    Arthur sat at the kitchen table staring at Molly in thought as the twins sat next to him. Ron was standing next to Hermione who was, once again, staying there for the rest of the summer.

    Sirius Black, who looked like death to anyone that glanced at him, was leaning against the wall. Alastor Moody, Mundungus Fletcher, Kingsley Shacklebolt and Nymphadora Tonks all stood near the wall either in thought or just in simple silence.

    Remus stood next to Severus, though he wasn't feeling very talkative and lastly, Bill and Charlie Weasley arrived and sat down in the two last chairs that weren't occupied.

    The fireplace flared and in came the arrival of one, Albus Dumbledore.

    "Good evening, everyone!" Dumbledore's booming voice ran though the kitchen, making Molly turn around abruptly at the entrance, "We have some grave news to report, I'm afraid..."

    "Albus? What do you mean?" Molly asked in her tight voice, "Surely it cannot be that bad."

    "Oh, but it is..." Dumbledore said gravely, staring at everyone in the room individually, before keeping his heavy gaze on Mundungus Fletcher, "Mr. Fletcher here has been guarding the Dursley house for sometime now and not once did he report anything of value. Naturally, I went to investigate myself and found him passed out on the sidewalk with a fire whiskey bottle in his hand." They all gasped except for Remus, Severus and the twins, "Poor, poor choice I tell you..." Dumbledore shook his head sadly. Mundungus shrunk into himself with embarrassment, trying to become invisible like the very invisibility cloak he had used, "Since he wasn't doing his job, I'm afraid we've lost something invaluable."

    The twins wanted to sneer but held themselves back. Remus let a low growl erupt from his throat that no one heard except for maybe Severus, who had a blank mask on his face as always.

    "No!" Molly shrieked.

    "Yes..." Dumbledore lowered his head, "It was silent, If Mundungus here was even there to begin with or not is irrelevant because it means that either Harry ran away or Tom captured him."

    "But, Albus!" Molly said, "We need the boy!"

    "Yes, yes... we do," Dumbledore spoke quietly, "Which means that we have to do everything in our power to get him back."

    "Professor, what's going on?" Ron piped up, looking around in confusion.

    "Hermione rolled her eyes, "Honestly Ronald, who else is invaluable to our cause of getting rid of V-Voldemort, idiot..." Hermione placed her hands on her hips and looked at Ron with an 'I know more than you' look. 

    "What's happened to my godson?" Sirius remarked in anger.

    Everyone ignored him as usual.

    "Potter?" Ron asked in surprise, his ears red from embarrassment, "Why is he so invaluable? If he's gone, then I say good riddance."

    "Ronald Weasley!" Molly screeched at her son.

    "Now, now, Molly..." Dumbledore said and looked down at Ron over his half-moon spectacles, "Jealousy can be a bitter emotion. However, it is not the time to dally on such needless thoughts. We are in need of young Harry for the fate of this war."

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