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50 Ways to Flirt with a Werewolf by QueenGrace11
50 Ways to Flirt with a Werewolfby QueenGrace11
A series of one shots about how Sirius attempts to show his feelings for Remus. HR: #1 in Wolfstar - 7/8/19
Purveyors of Aids to Magical Mischief-Makers by emwritesma
Purveyors of Aids to Magical Misch...by Emma
But Sirius still had a problem. He always wanted to touch Remus. Just any sort of physical contact. When Remus was laying in bed, Sirius wanted to crawl in too; every ti...
Rude and Flirtatious by CofaidhAddict
Rude and Flirtatiousby CofaidhAddict
WOLFSTAR! Remus can't get enough of the rude, yet flirtatious stranger, that accidently texted his number. I known the are half a million other Wolfstar Muggle Texting...
Wolfstar Raise Harry by sparklehallows
Wolfstar Raise Harryby idk either
A Fanfic where Peter Pettigrew is rightfully accused of deception and spying for Voldemort as well as murder although that was not clear at the time so baby Harry was ta...
Modern No-Magic Wolfstar AU by WalkingOutOfTime
Modern No-Magic Wolfstar AUby WalkingOutOfTime
That's right: we have a coffee shop. We have Wolfstar. We have Jily. We have no magic, and we have it modernised. The best part: NO BETRAYAL OR DEATH! What more could yo...
Lost Cub by Sweet_Wing_Queen101
Lost Cubby MyMiddleNameIsNutellaLover
Hunter Potter had been with the Dursleys for three years when he was bitten by a werewolf. This made the Dursleys' abuse worse. So by the time he got to Hogwarts, he was...
Infinity// wolfstar and jily soulmate au  by rembud
Infinity// wolfstar and jily soulm...by rembud
(Everyone is born with a tattoo like symbol. Whoever has your match- that's your soulmate.) By the time Sirius Black has gotten to Hogwarts, he given up on the prospect...
Like Real Muggles Do by LycanthropicMess
Like Real Muggles Doby A State
James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew are all taken from Hogwarts for their own safety, but God forbid they crowd Mrs Potter's house until Septembe...
Dont call me that {Jegulus} by starkidpro
Dont call me that {Jegulus}by Joce⚘
When Sirius Black runs away from home the summer before his sixth year he brings his younger brother along with him, to James Potters house The Harry Potter world belon...
Be My Wings {drarry} by cameronn__
Be My Wings {drarry}by Cameron
Draco is a veela, and Harry is an inherited werewolf. {drarry- boyxboy. (very) sub draco, dom harry. don't like, don't read.}
short stories → wolfstar  by thabeetalz
short stories → wolfstar by thabeetalz
i'm warning you this is very gay. so. don't be homophobic :) all rights to jkr <3
Secrets (wolfstar) by stories4usnow
Secrets (wolfstar)by stories4usnow
Remus' life has always been defined by secrets. First his furry little problem, then his sexuality, now his boyfriend. He did not know how to talk to his friends. and sp...
Remus Lupin and the Prisoner of Azkaban (#Wolfstar) by alristotle
Remus Lupin and the Prisoner of Az...by Alexander
This is the third Harry Potter book (PoA) from the perspective of Remus Lupin. --- "The murder of the Potters and Peter Pettigrew has always been a puzzle to me, co...
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Wolfstar reunited by d0ntbelieve
Wolfstar reunitedby Puck
Remus and Sirius reunite after Sirius escapes Azkaban. They had met briefly in the Shrieking Shack when they captured Peter, but now Sirius is hiding in Grimmauld Place...
Changes - a wolfstar fan fiction  by breemelchen
Changes - a wolfstar fan fiction by breemelchen
It is the Marauder's sixth year at Hogwarts, but something has changed. Between everything that's happening in their lives Sirius and Remus are trying to deal with their...
The Marauders: A Muggle AU by potterhead_fic
The Marauders: A Muggle AUby Mrs. Freckles
This fanfiction is an Alternative Universe into the Muggle World but the characters still belong to JK Rowling. This contains characters from the Marauders era and othe...
Wolfstar Oneshots by sadieddie11
Wolfstar Oneshotsby ᵗⁱʳᵉᵈ
Just a bunch of oneshots that I found on Pinterest but with Wolfstar. Some are my own ideas (few). Some will be fluffy, and others whump. NO SMUT. PLEASE REQUEST LOTS D...
My Husband// Wolfstar by ThatHuman567
My Husband// Wolfstarby Millie Nichols
Remus Lupin, a high school teacher has a secret he keeps from his students. He is married to a famous youtuber/ singer, Sirius Black, his actual surname is Lupin-Black...
PEACOCKS | marauders social media by yellowbeesknees
PEACOCKS | marauders social mediaby 𝗔𝗗𝗔𝗥𝗔
❝ ok boomer ❞ a modern social media au for the marauders era at hogwarts @evanslil: please fuck off potter @jampot: evans please, you adore me [WOLFSTAR, JILY, MORCAS, F...
Here For You - A WolfStar Fanfiction by _furrylittleproblem_
Here For You - A WolfStar Fanficti...by _furrylittleproblem_
The Marauders are starting their fourth year at Hogwarts. Remus starts the year off with an odd dream and confusing feelings for none other than his best mate. // This i...