Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Harry gritted his teeth, pain racing through him as he looked up from the ground. Hermione hovered over him as Ron began kicking and punching him. He was unable to defend himself. He cursed Dumbledore to hell and back... the man had a barrier up so that he couldn't shadow-step away. The old fool had thought of everything.

Harry looked back up at his ex-best friends and sneered at them. Fred and George had given their life for him but Harry had ended up caught anyway in the end. He felt like screaming but he knew it wouldn't do any good... he was truly alone.

He coughed up a bit of blood and dropped his head to the ground in defeat. Maybe it was finally time for him to leave this world? He should let the man kill him... maybe he would find peace in the darkness of death...


Harry shook his head... he didn't exactly have a choice anyway. The man would definitely kill him soon. Ron was doing a very good job of beating him into the ground and Harry could barely move an inch in pain. He had been given something that made his vampire healing not respond to him. There was no way he was making it out of this situation alive.

He may be a vampire but even he had weaknesses.

Harry looked up into the darkened sky and wondered– just for a few seconds, what it would have been like if he hadn't killed Voldemort.

"Miss Granger, Mister Weasley, please step aside now... I will finish this," Dumbledore cheerful voice broke through the air, cutting off Ron's disgusted remarks of Harry. Dumbledore looked down at him with half-moon spectacles reaching down to tip of his nose, blue eyes sparkling triumphantly, "My boy... you're certainly a hard person to find... certainly, certainly..."

Harry ignored the old man, not because he wanted to but because he couldn't speak... he didn't have energy... instead, he gave the man a dark glare.

"You will not speak or you're unable? Regardless, it is best that you do not interrupt me while I tell you a story," Dumbledore's voice sounded joyful. It was as if it were Christmas for the sick Headmaster, "It started when your mother was pregnant with you. The divination position at Hogwarts was lacking at best and I needed a professor that was competent in the subject, so I owled people that I thought could handle it. Sybill Trelawney was amongst the many that came for the interview. She spread a web of lies so deep that I was– to be truthful, impressed. She would grandly say that she was a powerful seer, worthy of teaching at Hogwarts. Great-great granddaughter of the once-celebrated seer, Cassandra Trelawney. Of course, I knew it was all lies... the woman couldn't possibly be a seer. She was an imposter... she may be a Trelawney but she was no seer. That was when I had an idea... I would create a prophecy and use it to destroy Tom once and for all. Oh, how proud I am of you, Harry! You followed my words to the fullest, you were practically eating from the palm of my hand.

"Sometimes I wonder what it may have been like if you rebelled just the tiniest bit but alas, you were the perfect martyr. I hired Trelawney after that, just to keep an eye on her. I had to cast an imperious on her, after all... then, I had to obliviate her of everything she knew of me. I couldn't very well let the woman walk free throughout the school, knowing everything. Don't you see? I wanted Severus to overhear the fake prophecy and bring it back to Tom. I wanted him to go to your home and kill your parents... I knew that your mother had a protection in place that would protect you. I orchestrated everything... you were a puppet, plain and simple."

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