Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

It wasn't everyday– or any day for that matter, you got to see Severus Snape openly gape but at that exact moment, he was doing a very good impression of a fish out of water. He abruptly snapped his jaw closed and started to glare at Harry.

    "This has become bothersome..." Tom said, amusement in his voice, "I wanted to explain everything to you before letting Harry come in here but that's not possible now," he told Severus and then quirked an eyebrow at Harry.

    Harry smiled mockingly.

    "I...I..." Severus stuttered, red in the face.

    "Severus, as I was saying, I believe Dumbledore may have done something to you," Tom said lightly.

    "My lord, what do you think the Headmaster has done? I don't see what he would get out of manipulating my mind..." Severus wondered, not bothering to comment on the fact that Harry was there. He knew that he wouldn't get any answers until the Dark Lord was ready to give them.

    "I think that since you swore a vow to Dumbledore to protect me, he believes that you will do anything and everything he tells you to do. I mean, it's not that hard to believe... after all, how could the golden boy of Gryffindor turn dark?"

    Tom smirked at Harry.

    Severus finally turned to look at Harry for the first time since the boy arrived, wondering if he should stay quiet and pretend that the blasted Potter wasn't there. A minute later, he gave in, "Why are you here, Potter? Do you believe this to be something funny to you? You shouldn't take this lightly... what in Merlin's name possessed you to go to the Dark Lord?" Severus froze at what he said but couldn't take it back. Instead, he added on, "Dunderhead."

    Harry couldn't keep in the amusement anymore and laughed delightedly, "You are the funny one, sir! Do you actually believe that bullying me was a smart choice on your part? The only thing you did was make me hate you more... you know, I couldn't wait to go to my first class of Potions in first year. I thought that if I was good at cooking food for my unworthy muggle relatives, then maybe I would be alright at Potions. I was excited for it and you, the overgrown bat that you were, asked me questions not meant for first year and embarrassed me because I couldn't answer them.

    "I wanted to excel in Potions and I loved it! I read the book top to bottom and couldn't wait to start brewing! You, however, made me not want to go to something that I loved. I tried to brew something in each class but all I got from you were insults or one of the Slytherin's throwing something in my cauldron which you didn't do anything about.

    "You don't deserve to teach children. I'm sorry, but it's honest to Merlin the truth. You don't deserve to know why I'm here, either."

    Tom glared sharply at Severus, not knowing that the man made Harry go through such a thing, "It's one thing, Severus, to teach children and give them a detention but another thing to completely neglect your duty as a professor and not help children when they need it. If what Harry says is true, I don't believe you are fit to be a professor myself."

    Severus' nostrils flared, "My lord, he is just like his father! He doesn't deserve anyone's sympathy and everything he is saying are lies!"

    "Crucio!" Tom snarled. Severus dropped to the floor, not expecting the curse as he writhed in pain. He was under it for a little under two minutes before Tom canceled it, "You dare insult Harry in front of me! You are lucky you aren't dead this very second and you better get over that hatred of Harry right now or you won't like what I will do to you."

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