Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Harry watched as death eaters made their way inside the meeting room and took their places. He noticed that some death eaters were fearful, arrogant or shaking with anticipation. Harry looked over to Voldemort's elite death eaters and saw Lucius standing tall and proud but Harry knew it was taking all of the man's control not to shake like a leaf. He smirked at that, his eyes dancing with amusement as he watched the Dark Lord start his meeting.

"Welcome, my friends..." The Dark Lord began and Harry couldn't help but snort softly, "...fourteen years it has been and yet, you stand before me as though it were only yesterday. I confess myself disappointed... not one of you tried to find me." Harry started to laugh and Voldemort turned toward him in confusion.

This speech is the exact same as before... he hissed and stopped laughing abruptly when Voldemort's lip twitched, okay, I'll stop.

The Dark Lord's focus was once again on his death eaters, "Not even you, Lucius!" Voldemort shouted, slashing the blonde's mask off.

"My Lord, I hadn't detected any sign or even a whisper of your whereabouts," Lucius said, cowering under Voldemort's gaze.

"There were signs, my friend and more than whispers..." Voldemort said softly.

Lucius flinched, "I assure you, I never renounced the old ways... the face I have been obliged to present each and every day since your absence, that's my true mask," the blonde aristocrat explained fearfully.

"Regardless, Lucius..." Voldemort sneered but paused when he heard snickering behind him from Harry and a series of hisses from Nagini. The Dark Lord decided to ignore them because there was no telling what those two were up to. He severely regretted introducing his familiar to Harry... they were both menaces.

Voldemort's attention was taken by Severus Snape who approached him with calmness that he was used to from the man, "My Lord..."

"You have news, Severus?" He hissed as Harry's head shot up at the familiar voice.

"Yes, my Lord... Dumbledore continues to proclaim that you've returned and he is trying to get Potter to go down with him, announcing publicly that the boy saw you in the tournament."

Harry's eyebrows rose, "How come I haven't heard of this?"

Voldemort turned slightly to look at Harry, You've been with those filthy muggles... how would you know anything? The Dark Lord hissed, extremely grateful for the silencing and notice-me-not charm he had put around Harry.

Harry paused, "You have a point..."

Voldemort focused once again on Severus, "When the old fool announced it publicly, how many people were on his side?"

"Not a lot, my Lord... the old man is throwing a temper tantrum as we speak..."

"Hmm, I see... anything else, Severus?"

"The barmy old headmaster is also planning to give Potter more training next school year to defeat you."

The Dark Lord heard quiet cackling from behind him and sighed, pinching his nose, "I see, I see... if that is all, Severus, you may take your place again."

Severus stayed quiet for a second before he met eyes with the Dark Lord, "The boy seemed different the last time I saw him... his magic was darker but he couldn't have changed so quickly," he said quietly, "Potter couldn't stand the old fool from what I could tell and at one point I could even see a flash of disgust cross his face when the old fool placed a hand on his shoulder... there is something not right with him."

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