Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Diagon alley was, of course, loud and boisterous. Whenever Harry went, he would always feel overwhelmed. Tom was standing tall and confident next to him... Harry wasn't jealous, he just thought that the man could tone himself down just a tiny bit.

Harry looked over at Sirius and inspected his glamour. Sirius' hair was a dirty blonde, his nose was slightly more crooked and tying it all together was the deep blue eyes.

Harry was afraid to see his twins... he was indirectly responsible for their deaths, after all. The boy-who-lived sighed, pushing all of his depressing thoughts away as they continued to walk toward, 'Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes'.

The twins wouldn't know what they had done for him and Harry wanted to show them his memories of how brave they were. They deserved to know what would have happened to them if he wasn't there to prevent it.

What hurt the most was that their deaths were pointless in the end. The twins saved him at the cost of their own lives so that he could escape but it eventually ended with the headmaster killing him anyway.

Harry hoped that he could fix everything this time around and that the twins would join him. He would be devastated if they didn't even though he felt bad for wanting them to risk their lives a second time for him.

Once they arrived, Harry looked around and noticed the many kids wandering around the shop with little trinkets here and there. Their eyes were lit up in excitement and some were even setting off pranks inside the shop, Harry supposed they were too impatient to wait.

That was when he caught a glimpse of George.

Harry stirred, a groan slipping from his mouth as he rolled over in pain. He looked down at himself and sighed. The injuries weren't serious or life-threatening and they would quickly go away because of his nature, but they still ached.

He wondered where he was as his eyes swept across the small room. He took in the tattered bed in the corner and then the bars keeping him from escaping.

"You have too much power and you need to go!" Harry closed his eyes in pain as he reflected back to that memory. They must have hit him with a stupefy.

Harry honestly didn't think they would go so far as to do this to him. He just thought that they didn't like him and were only his mates because of the fact that he could give them what they wanted; in this case, money and tomes.

He didn't, in his wildest dreams, expect to be locked up like someone in Azkaban. He knew Dumbledore was paying them to guide him on missions and make him more malleable but he didn't think they wanted him dead.

Harry was hoping that they would leave him alone once he defeated Voldemort and he could live his life the way he wanted to but it seemed like it wasn't meant to be. He actually didn't think Weasley and Granger would try something like this.

The dirt on the floor made Harry grimace and he sighed once again as he slowly got up and walked over to the small bed. A hunger pang went through him and he remembered that he hadn't had blood since before the battle. He had no idea how long he had been in the cell.

All of sudden, he heard footsteps approach the room and Harry looked up, smelling a familiar scent that made a chill go down his spine. If it was who he thought it was, he had been played all along.

There was no happy ending for him.

There never had been.

"Headmaster..." Harry said it with a defeated look, staring anywhere but outside the cell where Albus Dumbledore was looking in on him like some kind of animal. Harry felt weary and started to think about if it was a good thing that he might die soon.

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