Chapter 3

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Posted: January 3, 2018 | Revised: April 13, 2020

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Chapter 3

The rest of the school year went on in a rush and Dumbledore shared the grave news of Dean Thomas' missing status. Harry wasn't surprised that people were going crazy... although, he couldn't help the grin that wanted to take over his face at the thought of Dean. Harry didn't think he could have stopped drinking his blood even if he wanted to.

It was finally the end of the year and Harry was getting ready to enter the Hogwarts Express. It didn't take long to find a compartment but suddenly– he realized in dawning horror– that he was going back to the Dursley's. After everything that has happened to him, he was being forced to go back to those animals. He couldn't help the snarl that took over his face. The train began to move and he braced himself for what was to come.

Eventually, he arrived at King's cross station and Harry grudgingly said goodbye to Ron and Hermione who were– to Harry's amusement– looking for him the entire trip.

Harry spotted Vernon across the station and sighed deeply when the man waddled up to him with an angrily whispered word of, "Boy!" Harry shook his head at the display, already regretting his decision to return to the humans, "Now boy, if you do any funny business... anything at all and I will lock you in your cupboard for a week... is that clear?" Vernon bellowed out when they were safely in the car, away from prying ears, "That includes no food or anything."

Vernon grunted and started the car, Harry glaring at the back of his head. The human knew that he couldn't fit into the cupboard at his age and it must give his uncle some sort of satisfaction to watch him suffer in such a way, "Yes, Uncle Vernon," Harry whispered.

Throughout the ride, Vernon gave him dirty looks in the rearview mirror and Harry couldn't help but roll his eyes.  As they arrived, the man got out and Harry followed him into the house until the hand that he knew was coming, gripped tightly around his shoulder.

He was dragged up the flight of stairs and thrown into his room like a bag of rubbish. He heard the familiar locks click into place and loud footsteps echoing down the stairs. Harry shook his head and walked over to his bed, sitting his arse on the dirty and ripped comforter with a grimace.

Harry sighed and wondered if he should just shadow-step to the graveyard to get out of the Dursley's home but thought better of it. It was better if he stayed for a little bit because he knew the order was watching him and would eventually grow bored. If he was lucky, the one watching him was that drunk and then he would make his escape.

He heard the noise of Vernon coming back up the stairs and huffed out a sigh, "Go start the chores, you little freak!" He heard through the door as the locks were unlocked, "Now, you ungrateful shit."

He stood up and waited until the man was already downstairs in the entertainment room before opening the door and walking down the stairs silently. He decided to just go along with everything because it wasn't like this was his first time doing chores. Harry knew he could get through a few days of picking up after the Dursley's.

Harry felt hesitant over the appearance of Vernon, however, as he cleaned the stove. The look in the man's eyes gave him chills and made his mind go back to memories that he had tried to forget. Harry shook his head, not giving Vernon the satisfaction in paying any attention to him.

The man knew how to make him scared.

The next few days made Harry so itchy to kill that he had taken to draining the next door neighbours everyday... not enough to kill them but to keep his mind off the fact that he couldn't touch the Dursley's until the right time.

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