Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Sirius walked over to a chair and sat down, watching as Harry shot a stupefy at Trelawney and the woman slumped to the floor still twitching from the torture curse.

"I have a better idea..." Tom whispered, amused, "There is a spell that will kill the victim if broken from the imperious curse."

Harry looked at Tom with a smile on his face, "Perfect idea," Harry said and then asked, "What is the spell?" Harry could hardly contain his eagerness.

"It is pronounced as mors imperium and the wand movement is just a circle gesture," Tom told him.

"Do you have any polyjuice potion brewed?" Harry asked, circling the woman in a predatory manner. Tom couldn't help but chuckle as he watched Harry.

"Mimsy," Tom said quietly and a house elf appeared suddenly.

"What does master lord be wanting with Mimsy, sir?" The elf squeaked out loudly.

"Mimsy, go see if we have any polyjuice potion in the storage area..." Tom told her.

"Mimsy be doing that right away, sir!" The elf disappeared just as fast with an excited giggle.

Harry, after seeing Mimsy, thought of an idea, "Dobby?"

Dobby appeared quickly, his big eyes taking in Harry like he was a saint, "What does the great Harry Potter be wanting with Dobby?" He seemed too excited, judging by the constant jumping that he was doing.

Tom snorted and watched the encounter, "Yes, what does the great Harry Potter want with Dobby-the-house-elf?"

Harry shot Tom a half-hearted glare before focusing on the elf again, "Dobby, would you do something really important for me?"

Dobby's eyes lit up and he started to hyperventilate, pulling his large floppy ears down, "Dobby will be doing anything for the great Harry Potter, sir..." He said so quiet, Harry could hardly make it out.

Mimsy popped in then with a bottle of polyjuice potion in her hand and as she gave it over to the Dark Lord, Dobby finally realized who else was in Harry's company, "Mimsy found some polyjuice potion, master lord, sir!"

Dobby grabbed onto Harry's hand, his eyes wide with fear, "Oh, Harry Potter, sir... Dobby be saving you from the evil Dark Lord... hurry, sir!"

"Calm down, Dobby... I'm here of my own volition. Tom isn't evil, he is just misunderstood," Harry told the small elf.

Tom gave Harry an amused look, "Misunderstood?"

Harry rolled his eyes, "Now, Dobby, this is important so listen intently. I want you to go back to the order's headquarters and make sure that nobody seeks out Sirius. If they do, I want you to try and stir them in a different direction until we are done here. Make them forget what they were going to do, if you must," Harry said, "Last but not least, don't let yourself become caught. If– and that's a big if– you do get caught, I want you to say that the house has been tampering with everyone and you tried to help."

Dobby nodded quickly, "Dobby be doing exactly that, sir, Dobby will mess with those chickens, he will!" That was when the elf popped out of existence. Tom chuckled at the chicken reference that Dobby used.

"Okay, Sirius, I need your hair..." Harry told him, the polyjuice potion that Tom had given him, in his hand.

Sirius hummed, "Who wouldn't want hair like mine? It's silky soft with curly waves..." He trailed off when he was interrupted.

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