Chapter 8

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Posted: February 14th. 2018 | Revised: May 13th, 2020

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Chapter 8

The twins were worried for their adoptive brother as they waited for an explanation. Harry took a long suffering sigh while glaring at Tom, who refused to explain in Harry's place.

Harry tipped his chair back, two legs coming off the floor as he balanced on the other two, "Do you know the legilimency spell?" Harry asked hopefully.

Tom was looking at the wall in complete boredom and Sirius was watching the twins reactions.

"Of course we do..." George told him, wide-eyed.

Fred nodded, "You wound us!" He told Harry, placing a hand to his heart mockingly in pain.

"I'm sorry," Harry pouted, "Now, one of you have to use the spell on me first..." Harry focused on all of his memories and waited for one of the twins to use the spell. They decided that Fred would go first.

The teen took out his wand and pointed it at Harry.

Tom narrowed his eyes at Fred and the wand pointed at Harry even though he knew what was happening.

"Legilimens!" Fred exclaimed as a blue light erupted between him and Harry. They waited until Fred came out of the memories and when he finally did, they were met with blinding anger, "That damn Dumbledore, when I get a hold of him!"

George sat, eyes wide at his twin brother. There wasn't a lot that could upset his brother and deep inside himself, he was afraid to view the memories. He would do it for his adoptive brother, though. He readied his wand and shot the spell at Harry, feeling himself get sucked into the memories of Harry.

Once he was finished watching the memories, he felt foolish for ever feeling scared. The one who should be scared was Albus Dumbledore and if George ever saw the old man's face, it wouldn't take long for him to curse him into the next year.

He knew Harry had dibs on the headmaster and he wasn't going to take away his brother's revenge.

"Harry, you better not be blaming yourself for what happened!" George told him and Harry looked up at him in shock.

"If we did this, we did it for you. More than likely, we knew the consequences for letting you escape and we accepted them. This shouldn't– in any way– make you feel sorry for us."  Fred continued.

"We did it then and we would do it again in a heartbeat," George said, "You're our brother and we help each other out, right?"

Harry sat there, shock on his face as he got up and hugged them both. "You're the best brothers ever!"

"We sure are!" They both exclaimed.

Tom could only stare, surprised by the loyalty the twins were showing Harry and Sirius watched the interaction, his left eyebrow raising.

"By the way," Fred said, "It's nice seeing you again, Sirius."

George nodded.

There was knock at the door and they all froze except for Tom who went rigid, his wand slipping out into his hand on reflex, "George, Fred!" It was Ron.

Harry jumped out of his chair and ran behind a dusty looking table, Sirius and Tom following behind him as Fred and George approached the door. Tom put up a notice-me-not charm and Harry, being paranoid, also put one up.

"You don't trust my work?" Tom whispered, acting sad.

"I didn't realize you put one up until I did, now listen!"

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