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Vampiric Return // Tomarry Fanfiction by Black_Moon_And_Stars
Vampiric Return // Tomarry Black_Moon_And_Stars
After 25 years in the Immortal World, Harry returns to his fifth year at Hogwarts a different person. A different species altogether. Realising that his new vampire sta...
chiaroscuro by moonchildstyless
chiaroscuroby moonchildstyless
y/n needed a job, but this place is strange and the owner is even stranger ______ this is one of my series from my tumblr thank u sm for readi...
True Place by z3rochillz
True Placeby Koda K. Repeoni
Drarry/Harco fanfic. Characters used aren't my own, the belong to J.K. Rowling however the plot used in originally mine. If the author of harry potter so chooses that I...
Soulmates |L.S| by guccikings28
Soulmates |L.S|by Bleh.
What happens when a love story takes place between a vampire and a human? Louis Tomlinson was in grief. Mourning and blaming himself for the supposed death of his sister...
oleander by moonchildstyless
oleanderby moonchildstyless
nothing could draw y/n in the way harry could
The Bandit ( larryau)  by truedefintionstyles
The Bandit ( larryau) by truedefintionstyles
In 2030 vampires are known world leaders , having the ability to now come out in the daylight after years of cross breeding they have become stronger - though with all t...
The Curse € Larry Stylinson by LovedYouFirst_xox
The Curse € Larry Stylinsonby hi, how are ya?
Sixteen year old Louis Tomlinson and his family moved into a haunted house. Not just any haunted house: The Styles Residence. Many years ago the parents were found hange...
Baby Blood | WIP by MaxxHatesYou
Baby Blood | WIPby Max
When Harry turns 16 he goes through his creature inheritance. What will happen when his finds out his mate? Or if he finds out the truth? Trigger warning: Abuse depres...
Dark Side (a Harry Styles fanfic) by starfishstyles94
Dark Side (a Harry Styles fanfic)by Harry Styles
Naomi was just your average girl. But when she visits her grandmother for Christmas break and meets a mysterious boy with cold skin, her life will be turned upside down.
Wizards and the abandoned planet by KimberlyTrudeau
Wizards and the abandoned planetby Kimberly Trudeau
A science fiction with tomarry and sebaciel.A crossover with Harry Potter,Kepo, and black butler.This is not concentrated mainly on the ships and mostly concentrated on...
evil harry (drarry) by kkayc2008
evil harry (drarry)by Alex kay
after the war harry had separated him self from the world around him. something had happened to harry during the war that nobody knew about. what happens when they find...
The broken brights (larryau) by truedefintionstyles
The broken brights (larryau)by truedefintionstyles
"He is delicious-" Vincent walks around the small human , humming in delight as Louis releases a shaking breath- hear the pounding of his living heart " n...
hereafter; larry stylinson (bottom!louis vampire!harry) [completed] by larryent
hereafter; larry stylinson ( Charles Bukowski
"A legacy is every life you've touched. And you've touched mine twice." On the coast of San Francisco in 2024 is where Harry falls in love all over again. Alte...
The heir of slytherin  by Porcha8
The heir of slytherin by Darry shipper
Harry is 10 nearly 11 and is about to receive a letter From the most prestigious school in the wizarding world called Hogwarts but before Harry receives the letter Harry...
Vermillion [Larry Stylinson AU] by curlylocksandkittens
Vermillion [Larry Stylinson AU]by victoria
Ver·mil·ion [vərˈmilyən] Vermillion ► a brilliant red pigment made from mercury sulfide (cinnabar). [the color of blood] © 2014, Victoria [curlylocksandkittens]. All r...
the blood is rare (and sweet as cherry wine) by dikshaaaaaaaaaaaa
the blood is rare (and sweet as dikshaaaaaaaaaaaa
not mine will take it down if the author asks me to from ao3 by Jennifer_kaid "Officer, I see you're giving away my secrets already," Harry said as he entered...
She's dating The MONSTER H.S. by wafflestyles_
She's dating The MONSTER Mrs.Styles ❤️
An innocent girl named Sophia Carter is a girl with lots of life problems.and a heart problem.but One day,she is just to experience a non-forgetable moment of her life...
Vampire Harry // One Shot // Her Effect  by apricotharold
Vampire Harry // One Shot // Her ambs
"Oh my God, I worked with a vampire once-" she says before I jump up and cut her off. "IT WAS A REAL PAIN IN THE NECK!!!" We start laughing. Oh my g...
Finding Love In War € Larry Stylinson by LovedYouFirst_xox
Finding Love In War € Larry hi, how are ya?
Louis takes his father's place in the Great War, but those who are homosexual are not allowed to serve. If they are found in any branch of the military they could be kil...