Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

"Why didn't the elder wand work for him?" Ron asked Hermione curiously but Harry answered instead, a contemplative look on his face,

"It answered to someone else..." Harry said to them, "When Voldemort killed Snape, he thought that the wand would become his but Draco was the one to disarm Dumbledore in the tower."

Ron hummed, "Wait, didn't you disarm Draco at Malfoy manor?" Ron asked and Hermione's face darkened.

"Yeah, assuming since I disarmed Draco, the elder wand should work for me," Harry said, bemused.

"What are you going to do with it?" Hermione asked darkly.

Harry turned to look at Hermione, "What do you mean, 'Mione?"

"That is the most powerful wand in the world," Ron said and looked at Hermione, his face resembling hers, "You would be invincible..."

Harry didn't like what they were insinuating, "What...?" Ron glared at Harry like he would start attacking people with the elder wand and grabbed it quickly from Harry's hold, "Ron, what are you..?"

"If I don't get the wand, you definitely don't," Ron hissed snapping the wand into two pieces and throwing it off the bridge.

Hermione looked at Ron and they both shared a silent conversation and then they both looked at Harry. He backed up, not knowing what his ex-friends were planning. He didn't want to give away that he was a vampire, he wouldn't get any peace.

"You're not seriously believing that I would use that wand for my own gain?" Harry asked ludicrously.

"Stupefy!" Hermione shouted and Harry jumped out of the way of the spell, "Harry we thought you could have been spared but now we know what Dumbledore meant... he knew you would turn dark as soon as You-Know-Who was killed, that you would take his place."

Harry looked defeated as he stared at Ron and Hermione, "If anyone deserves that wand, it is Hermione and I because being around you has put us in so many life threatening situations. You're a danger to everyone, you just wanted him gone so you could become the next Dark Lord. We knew for a while when Dumbledore told us and we had to get some compensation for doing all that we've done. You have too much power and you need to go!" Ron shouted.

Harry didn't know what to do. He knew his friends weren't that trustworthy but he wanted to give them a second chance. How could they, how dare they insinuate that he would become the next Dark Lord?

Harry was caught off guard when another stupefy was shot at him and he slumped to the ground in darkness.

Harry sat up quickly and ran a hand threw his raven hair. Why was he dreaming about that at a time like this? There was a knock at the door and Harry sighed, "Come in."

"Hey, pup," Sirius said as he opened the door, "Did I wake you?"

"No, I just woke up before you came," Harry said then asked, "Listen, Siri, are you alright with me being a vampire?"

Sirius stared at Harry, "That would be very hypocritical of me if I wasn't. Remus is a werewolf, do you think I would stop being around him because of that? You're still my godson and you'll always be."

Harry smiled, relieved, "Thanks, Siri."

"No need to thank me, pup, that's what I'm here for."

"I have a lot to do today," Harry told his godfather, "I have to find a way to fake your death without Dumbledore thinking it suspicious."

"I'm sure you'll find something," Sirius said.

Harry hummed and his eyes widened when the greatest idea came to him, "I've got it! Meet me in Tom's study," Harry shouted on the way out of his bedroom.

Sirius shouted, "Who is Tom?" But Harry didn't hear it because he was already gone. Sirius shook his head in thought.

Harry walked down the corridors of Riddle manor and stopped at a two-way door. He knew the best place to find a poor sod was in the dungeons. It was dark as he entered, the torches that were on the walls didn't light up very much. It wasn't new to hear screaming, moaning or even cackling.

Harry wondered if Bellatrix was the one cackling but he knew the woman was in Azkaban as he smiled in amusement. The last door had a guard next to it and Harry conjured his mask, "Out of the way," Harry told the guard darkly.

The guard's eyes widened before he practically jumped out of the way, knowing that Harry was a vampire.

As soon as Harry entered the cells, he saw a woman that looked familiar which made a cackle slip out of his mouth and into the air, "Get up," he demanded of the woman.

"Have mercy," the woman screeched in Harry's sensitive ear and he rubbed his head as a headache started to form.

When Harry arrived outside Tom's study, he whispered the parseltongue password and opened the door, carrying the prisoner behind him. The woman began to run as fast as she could then, but sadly for her, she went the wrong way.

"Crucio!" Harry shouted viciously, taking off his mask and the woman fell to the floor, screaming bloody murder.

"Why do I have a feeling that you wanted her to try to run from you?" Tom asked, "What are you doing with my prisoner?"

Harry, who was too busy torturing the woman, whispered out a, "One moment," which made Tom smile in amusement. Once Harry was finished, it had been two minutes and even Tom sighed in exasperation.

"Really Harry, was that necessary?" Tom asked while glancing at a gaping Sirius Black.

"Of course it was necessary... she deserved it for trying to escape me. She's here because I've decided what I'm going to do about Sirius' fake death. Close your mouth, Siri, you'll catch flies."

"Is that who I think it is?" Sirius stuttered out, his mouth closing with an audible click.

"I couldn't believe it either but here she is..." Harry said, "Tom, why was Professor Trelawney in your dungeons?"

Tom never did like his name and the whole reason he made an anagram of Tom Marvolo Riddle was to shed his given name and take on a new and stronger name. He didn't like the name Tom one bit but when Harry said it, it was a different story.

He didn't understand why.

He was feeling things that he wasn't sure he understood. He never felt anything like it before in his life... sure he felt lust, but this... this was different somehow.

It was only giving him a migraine as he thought of it.

"Tom?" Harry asked as he waved a hand in the Dark Lord's face, successfully bringing him back to the conversation. Tom looked down at Harry and he already knew by the look on the boy's face that he wouldn't be able to stop him from whatever he had planned.

"What are you up to?" Tom asked suspiciously.

Harry grinned sharply, "I'm going to imperio Trelawney to go back to the order of the chickens in Sirius' place with polyjuice potion," Harry said calmly, "I'm assuming you captured her for the prophecy she apparently made?"

When Trelawney finally noticed the occupants of the room, she gasped at Harry, "Harry Potter?" Professor Trelawney's eyes shown with disgust because of his betrayal, "You traitor!"

That was when Tom felt an overwhelming urge to curse the woman to oblivion, "Crucio!"

Tom watched as the woman was tortured for the second time and Harry smiled because he knew that the man did it because of his sake.

Harry wondered why Tom felt the need to protect him.

He wasn't averse to it though... not at all.

In fact, Harry felt happy for once in his life.

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