Chapter 12

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Posted: July 28th, 2018 | Revised: March 25, 2021

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Chapter 12

Harry looked at Tom for a second before he looked down at Barty's body, "What have you done?"

Tom glared at the body, "He touched what is mine..."

"As much as I'm flattered at your possessiveness for me, I actually liked Barty," Harry told him. Tom's eyes narrowed and he growled at Barty's body, "Don't get riled up..." Harry rolled his eyes, "I liked him as a friend. You just had to kill him, didn't you?"

"If you only liked him as a friend then why were you sucking faces with him?" Tom asked in a deadly voice.

"I did that to make you jealous..." Harry said slowly, wincing, "I went too far, evidently."

Tom stared at Harry in confusion, "Why would you do that?"

Harry looked up at Tom in pure disbelief, "Tom! Bellatrix has been draping herself all over you since she came out of that Merlin damned prison. I assumed that you liked it, especially when you went somewhere alone with her," Harry shrugged his shoulders and looked away.

Tom continued to stare, "You did that because you were jealous of Bellatrix?" He asked in amusement.

Yes, I was jealous that you and Bellatrix had some kind of history and I thought that you and her..."

Tom's eyes softened and he pushed up Harry's chin in a passionate kiss, "Trust me, Harry, nothing would make me happier than giving you what you want if it will ease your worries..."

Harry kissed Tom and pulled away, looking into his eyes, "So, I can do whatever I want with Bellatrix?"

Tom nodded, "Whatever you want..."

Harry nodded in affirmation, "What was the initial reason you came here anyway?"

"We are going to get the cup in Bellatrix' vault. The portkey should go off in another five minutes," Tom said, a galleon in his hand.

"Go get Bellatrix then," Harry said to Tom bitterly.

Tom placed another kiss on Harry's lips before he nodded and went to find the annoyance.

Harry sighed and thought for a moment. He looked over at Barty on the floor with a wince. He really did like Barty. This wasn't the way it was supposed to go. It was his fault that Barty was laying dead on the floor because if he didn't use him to get Tom jealous, he would still be alive.

With complete honesty, he didn't think that Tom would outright kill Barty. He believed that Tom would have used Barty for some target-practice but then eventually got over it. He'd just underestimated the possessive nature of Tom and he should've known that.

He told himself that since Barty was killed, he should have the right to kill Bellatrix and he was glad that Tom was letting him do whatever he wanted with her. Harry growled at the thought of Bellatrix touching Tom around the waist or kissing him on the lips.

Harry's thoughts were stopped by a shrill voice, "Oh! my Lord? What happened to Barty?" Bellatrix's eyes were wide and then she turned to Harry, "You!" She snarled, starting to advance on Harry but Tom placed a hand on her shoulder, gripping it hard enough to bruise.

"This is the last time I will tell you this, Bellatrix. This is Lord Tenebris, my equal,"Tom demanded, his eyes narrowed, "As such, insulting him is insulting me but if you must know, I killed Barty."

"B...But, why my Lord?"

"That is none of your concern, Bellatrix..." Tom told her coldly.

"Forgive me, my Lord..." Bellatrix ducked her head in submission.

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