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Rosaline Pov

"Well you see, what actually happened was no I will start from the beginning"

"I was simply walking through the garden admiring the beauty of nature when I came across my fiancé and my classmate Miss Lycaria kissing under the tree.So as anyone would react even I just for the sake of formality asked him what he was doing.Was that wrong...."

I looked at the audience.All of them looked shellshocked.

"No that's not-"The king understood that I was aiming for sympathy and wanted my words to go against royalty which wont do any good for the prince as the people who will support him will decrease.

Not on my watch.

"Please your majesty let me complete what I was saying or are you saying that I am not worthy enough to defend myself "

Tears started flowing from my eyes.

"If that is what you want..then I wont even talk I will belike a lifeless shell in your kingdom.Isnt how our kingdom operates very well and here I thought the king was the one to hear my grievances...What can I do."

I collapsed on the floor and started crying. 

Don't you mess with me.hihihi.this is gonna be fun.

"No that's not what I meant what I was trying to say was that its okay I mean love is something which happens at any time and cannot be stopped.You should also know that.We cant force a person to love at the same time we cant stop a person from loving another."The king said.

That cunning old fox.

this is not going to end that easily.I stood up.

"I know your majesty I know."I spoke in a low voice but everyone was able to hear it.

"Let me speak your majesty,I also told Duke Wells the same that love cannot be forced but he was adamant of fixing the engagement. Since he had a high authority in the kingdom and also he was my father so I thought what he will do will be for my good but I didn't know that it will end up like this.(sob)(sob)"

Take that you idiotic duke...hihihihi.The duke looked angry as if he is going to blast right now.

"well you see,I asked him and he said he loved her. I get it.But do you think what he did was right"I asked.

People stared whispering.Majority of the people thought that what he did was right.Most of the women supported him saying he was right as he followed his love..That is the reaction that I want.The prince looks so proud.Its not over yet..

"But if you ask me what he did was wrong I mean if he was a real prince he would first annul the engagement before going behind my back. Why give me false hope.Is giving hope to two people at the same time the right thing .If he was a common man okay its fine.BUT IS that what we expect from a prince the rolemodel of our kingdom the future king. Because of his selfishness rumors came badmouthing me Now who will even look at me with a clear conscience .BECAUSE OF THE PRINCE and his lover,people started slandering me for stopping then from being united.If he made thing clear in the first place none of this would occur.TELLME is that how decisions are made in the kingdom.BECAUSE OF THE PRINCE my reputation that I created for the past 17 years of MY LIFE is gone.He made my life a hell for his own happiness.Is that how this kingdom even works in the first place.Then I am sorry to say a kingdom like that is close to compared to garbage in my point of view.."

The king remained silent. He knew he couldn't stop me.

People remained silent thinking about my words.

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