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Rosaline Pov

Well the battle has finally began!!!.

After I made sure I stored everything I required in my space, I went with my maid to the palace. Everyone is there to watch the show. Duke Wells was sitting in the front seat itself, his face looks so angry that it is about to blow up but thankfully the Duchess restrains him. I kept my poker face and my dignified aura. 

The prince and his gang of friends are sitting on the right. Usually none ever comes for a meeting like this but today every single family is here.How can they miss the show. Its fun for them to watch all the drama. Today the attendance at the academy must be low since each and every student in the academy is there in the visitors hall.

They want a show well I will give them one . In fact the best one they have seen.!!!!!

The king and the queen are sitting in the throne. I haven't seen them that often. They looked sad about this meeting. I guess they didn't want this to happen. With the fact that the engagement still exists after all these years they must have taken a liking to me.

"Greetings king and queen" I said with grace.

They nodded and looks pleased.

"You have taught her well Duke Wells"said the queen.

"Of course. I have given her the best in everything I could but what can I do is the core itself is rotten"said Duke Wells.

The king looked angry at the comment.

"I chose her because she could make a great queen. I am quite adept in judging a person Duke Wells" said the king angrily.

So the king and the queen like me. I guess they regret the decision made by their idiotic son. I mean both of them are the best rulers I have seen. They are quite good. The kingdom is quite prosperous under them. So according to them they want to chose a good queen for their kingdom that's where I come in. Eventhough they approve Lycaria they know that it will be difficult to mold her into a queen considering her character. A queen is supposed to be strong on her own no matter what the trouble but she is too weak I mean does any one want to have a queen who cries for every stupid reasons.

But the prince had already made his decision in front of the crowd without their permission. But since he is a prince his word should be considered how else will his words have any power in the future.

The prince must have gotten harsh scoldings from the royal couple.hahahah.Look at his face.I feel contented.

Let me butter up the situation. I will make that prince lose his face. I wont forgive him that easily.

"Your highness, I was enjoying the morning air when I suddenly got the royal edict. I am sorry to break your thoughts your highness but for what purpose I have been summoned here urgently Can you please let me know"I pleaded with my cute voice.

All the people looks baffled.The prince looks as if he has just eaten some chilli but Darius restrained him.

The king smiled looking at me proudly.The queen looks contended with my question.

Lycaria looks surprised .What is wrong with that even I  can act pitfully just like you but I will do  with so much more effect than you with my timing and moment. When it comes to act pitfully and shameless I am your queen I hope she gets my point.

"I heard that you punched my son"

So he wont go directly to the topic.Asking this question first makes me the first one t o be at fault.He is surely a fox. Ofcourse one who is the king should have a strategic brain. It is as if  he is testing me so that's how you wanna play.

I smiled. I could here whispers around me

"How dare she go against royalty like that"

"How can she smile"

"Is she courting death"

"How could you do that you stupid women is that how a noble lady should act. What did I ever teach you.Forgive my daughter your majesty.I will give her the required punishment"Said Duke Wells angrily.

I smiled brighter than before . People blushed looking at me for some reason. Is there something on my face.Forget it.Lets deal with this small probem first.

"Oh, Enlighten me Duke Wells what have you taught me."

"You undisgraceful-"

"Did I give you the permission to slander me."I shouted

"I am your father"

"Is that so.But I don't remember you being my father duke wells. I"

The crowd started whispering loudly enough for everyone to hear.

"What a poisonous daughter."

"His daughter whom he bought up want to end ties with him just because he couldn't stop the annulment"

"I pity the duke"

"No wonder the engagement got cancelled.How could the prince marry her."

"SILENCE!!!!"the king said.

Before he continued I started speaking.

"If I remember correctly Duke Wells you were the one who was eager to break of our relations. When I used to call you father you told me I don't even have the right to call you that. Did you forget maybe the years must have taken a toll on your body"i said with watery eyes.

The crowd gasped.

"How could you slander your own father"

"I knew it no one would believe me.Since my own family had abandoned me since when I was 10 who else could stand up for me.Oh I am so pitful to have such a life."i said with tears.But I wiped them off before anyone could see it.This act gained me the people's trust.

The elderly people believed with my tears.This is just the beginning soon I will have the control of the whole crowd.hihihi


"That's enough Duke Wells.I didn't invite her here to discuss your family matters. You never answered my question Rosaline"

That old fox.He knew what I was doing...

"Why did you punch the prince Rosaline"the king said .

"Who said I punched him"i retorted.

All the people in the academy looks shocked with what I said.

The prince couldn't hold it any longer.Poor guy.

"So what happened to my face.Did it get magically broken.Am I stupid enough to wear a bandage in my nose.How can you be so shameless.If you did something wrong admit it. How can you lie when all the others have seen it."

Darius pulled him back.

The king sighed.

"Well what do you have to say to that.You should not lie in my presence."

"Okay fine I will tell you I never intended to punch the prince as you call it.I was helping him.So if you ask me did you help the prince I will admit it yes I did help the prince but I didn't do anything that put him in a bad spot."

"Ok then how did you help the prince as you call it"

I smiled.

They are thinking that I got trapped in my own lie but this battle I won considering their expressions. This is getting good.

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