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Roseline Pov

"So when is the match?"I asked her.

"It should be done as soon as possible maybe after 10 min"

Of course it would be after 10 min why so late really???

"Don't look at me like that we should finish it as soon as possible you don't want the other countries to know about this and make a fuss.Who knows they may even send spies just to see this and snatch you away" the queen said.

Oh that's right i forgot. That's better i don't want to escape from one net just to be caught in another.

"Are all the participants here?"the queen said

"Everyone is here Your Majesty"

"Ok then. Now before the match starts i want you to close the palace gates.No one is allowed to enter the palace.If anyone dares to defy my command I don't even need to say what would happen right ho ho ho just kidding"The queen  smiled.(evil laugh)

I shuddered.No wonder we have been in peace since the king married. Who could stand against her.(cold sweat..)

Even though i feel like i am in my deathbed apparently for some or the other reason all the people no should i say the audience are in excitement.If it was outside the hawkers  would have set shops and would have enjoyed it.I mean who wouldn't .If it was me i would have been there in the front row to watch someone else fight another.It reminded me of going to watch WWE with my gangster friends oh old times. I could feel the same excitement in them.

The scholars too there pen and book to write this moment down in history. Even though all the people are excited ,Deep down i could see it from their eyes that no one expected me to  win. Even i find it funny.

"Remember once the match starts there won't be any moments of rest.It will be a continuous battle.The order will be Gavin,Louis,Darius.I hope there are no objections.Wear your battle armour and step on to the arena.

I changed my clothed to a shirt and shorts and covered myself in an armour

I protected myself as much as i can that no one can even recognize me . I heard the people from my academy laughing .You can laugh how much you want since you guys are not the one standing in my shoes.Even Gavin was on full armour. He atleast  respected me to put on the armour. That means he sees  me as a worthy opponent eventhough i am a weakling.

"Thank you Gavin"

"Sure it is my pleasure to fight against a beautiful lady such as yourself"

"Oh stop with the flattering you don't have to go that low. Calling me beautiful and all ha ha ha"

He looks puzzled i wonder why.

"I am sorry.A fight is a fight.If it is unbearable just give up.  Even though i look like this.I am quite ruthless in a battlefield."

HAHA.Thanks for the tip.I am so dead

My first match is against Gavin.He sure has the advantage.He is actually in whole other world unlike me.He got fire power his weapon is actually an ax. He can also fight with a fire sword.He had actually gone for war last year.It seems all his enemies died bu his hand increasing his bloodlust. Nowadays he don't fight with students since he got the tendency to kill his opponents  because of this.

Good luck me .You will need all the luck you can get in the world.

"OK then let the tournament begin"

At first he started attacking me with his fire attacks.He didn't go all out .He wanted me to get used to it first.I dodged some of it. 

"Stop with this if you don't go all out Gavin. If you truly want her not to get hurt.You end this fast.Make her give up.The sooner it is the better for her.This competition is held because of  the order of your queen.Show me your loyalty or are you trying to deceive me.How will you enter the army with if you are this softhearted .Remember she wanted this. She wanted to leave our country."

He whispered to me "sorry"Before he starting going on an ALL OUT ATTACK!!!!

My water shield blocked out his fire attack barely.I just got exhausted just casting it.But i actually did a good job considering that i only trained for one day.

He looks pissed now.His bloodlust his coming out right now.For him I  think i may look like the enemy soldier right now.I feel sorry for the people who died by his hands.Did they even recover the bodies.I wonder.He powered his ax using fire and charged towards me.

No matter how big of a shield i made or how many water balls i threw against him it didn't have any effect.Finally when he reached near me i made an ax out of water just to stop it.I know how to fight with an ax.I barely manged to hold out.He looks surprised then pissed.

"So this is how you want to play ax .How dare you use my weapon against me are you stupid."

Well you see i wont hold another sword other than my katana. So the only option that i thought of was an ax,

We had an ax battle.It was fun at first but i felt tired.I can no longer hold out the ax anymore since i used a lot of mana..

He overpowered me and cut me just across the chest that even my armor got penetrated.Blood started coming out.Then he slashed e a few times.My eyes started closing.Just how many times did i get cut i wonder i lost count after the tenth one.

One thing that i knew was that he would one day make a wonderful commander even i want to follow him.That's also what i respect about him.A soldier should never show any weakness.Too bad his opponent was me.

Currently i was lying in the battlefield in my own pool of blood.

He broke my arm and then stopped."I don't think she can fight anymore. is that enough mu queen"

The queen was sad to see my state.Even though she had her poker face on.I could sense that.

She sighed.

If she wanted she could have just ended the battle since i am just about to faint.

But she didn't she just asked"Do you give up now?".

i guess some part of her wanted me to win the fight.It is just impossible.Maybe she believes in miracles or something maybe that's why she gave me such a challenge .I don't know anymore.I am not going to think anymore

 Even though I still have my poker face,i find this situation funny.I have the tendency to laugh.My legs are actually trembling thinking about how much pain i would be in.I don't want to be in pain anymore.

I mean who would have thought i had to fight. Only a few days ago I got my memories back. I  used to be a weak noble lady.My body can't accept the fact that i can even use magic.Maybe that's why it is shivering.

 I still remember my memories,Even though i remember how much i used to love fighting.I just wanted to have fun at that time.Fighting was fun.Holding your weapon.Giving it all you got.Losing Winning.Team spirit.Crying together after a match.Celebrating with everyone.Learning how to be better. Practicing all day long. everything was fun.My family friends everyone..

Should i just give up maybe that all there is i am weak. i am pathetic maybe i should accept this fact that's what my brain is saying right now.Surrender.You cant do it.


I don't want to that's not right i don't want to give up.That was one of our family motto's .

"If you give up just make sure you die or else i would kill you and trust me the way i torture you would be so bad that you wish that you were never born" that was what my grandpa used to say.He even said the blood of our family never gives up.Our enemy clan used to compare us to cockroaches. Hahaha. Since we just won't die.

Trust me.That is indeed true.You don't want to get on his bad side.

I don't want to give up.

Even if that is the case what can i just do right now.

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