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Rosaline Pov

New day new beginning right..

I woke up earlier than usual.Way earlier. Usually my maid wakes me up by 6:30 am but today is not like any other day. So I asked Link-san to wake me up at 3 am. Well I got plans.major plans.

First of all I can walk out of the room because my maid or in other words my fathers spy is outside. I am pretty sure he must have given her my restraining order by now. I cant ask faeries for help because of the school regulations that leaves me with the most stupidest plan ever.

Jumping from the window. I am seriously a genius. I should have escaped long back I mean my existence doesn't matter here.

But now that I think about it in modern terms you can say that my room is like on the third floor so jumping is not practical but I am actually trained in all this stuff. Oh Old times... How I used to sneak out to play from a 10th floor of a building...It may seem impossible but my mom was kind of part of a assassin family. I mean my former mom. Well she is the only mother that I will ever acknowledge other than  Anne-san who is close to me just like her.

Being in the room suffocates me. I like to free and carefree. Eventhough I am a bit rusty I jumped from my window and safely landed on the ground. I sat under the tree in the garden. So lets go through my plan of action.

First of all if my hypothesis is right,The confrontation wont take place in the academy since it involves the royal family so I cant do anything from here. I should try to persuade with my statements. I can do that well what do you expect from me.... No one can defeat me with words.

The worst case scenario will be fighting. I don't have a single weapon with me except for a dagger but it can be used only for surprise attacks for a head on fight I need a weapon. Eventhough I was previously taught all the weaponary, my skills are rusty. But one thing that I wont ever forget is my baby or in other words my soul mate My precious katana.

 In the aizawa family till 8 we have to be familiar with all the weaponary but when we reach our 8th birthday.we have to focus on one weapon and I chose a katana. first we have to go in the store room were our ancestors weapons are kept. If we feel a pull from one of them it means that the weapon has accepted us and it will be with us throughout our lifetime.

Well i had no luck but it was okay.I personally had to mine out the ore to make my own katana and gave it to the black smith for making it. I was lucky enough to mine one of the strongest ore whose name I don't remember. After being made, the owner has to give it a name.That moment it is said in the family that we become one with the weapon that it will connected with the soul and will travel with us throughout our lifetime. Even if others use it wont be that effective. When a person dies the weapon is also buried I mean kept in the store room .

My grandpa says that the weapons are actually waiting for their contracted soul to come back and hold them and once again be whole.When I was little he used to tell me stories about how sometimes the weapons used to disappear, it still gives me creeps. I MEAN HOW WICKED IS THAT...THATS SOO COOL.

I guess what he said was not that true. I mean do you see me with my katana ????.So my katana didn't follow me. I always used to be proud of my katana .How many battles we fought side by side...Those were some sweet memories... 

But the totally weird thing is that I don't remember the name of my baby(katana).Frankly speaking I cant remember any of the names not even my own name in my previous life.

 I just have to do with the dagger and my physical strength and speed. I mean I cant hold other weapons since I feel guilty. Daggers are used for protection every warrior has one. I hope it wont come to this but my gut feeling says otherwise.

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