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Rosaline Pov

When I first entered Solaria Academy, I was spellbound. How can it be so beautiful. It looks like a castle.It looks one with nature.Near the academy there is a forest in the east side and a lake on the west side. Behind the academy is a garden with different kind of flowers.It looks so beautiful. The dorms are located in the western tower .

The scene was simply breathtaking. Mermaids were playing in the lake.Faeries were dancing around and pranking others. Spirit beast which were contracted were playing with each other with their companions.It was fun to watch them.

So I went to my room. My room was really spacious. Now that I am living my life independently, I feel happy. No need to live  in that prison anymore.

All kinds of beings in Elria after reaching a certain age is required to attend the academy.All of them have different courses. But in the morning for about 3 hours all the history of Garentia will be taught. From noon onward magic attributes will be trained.

The academy is surely luxurious. Even the cafeteria looks so extravagant. The food look so delicious. I could eat about 10 plates each of everything. I wipe of my drool, I hope no one saw me. hihihi.But the worst thing is that I am only allowed to eat one of it. 

After selecting one hamburger I went to sit in the corner alone with just my maid standing behind me who doesn't even open her mouth.Because I am a Dukes daughter, I do not have a dorm mate. Even while eating I have to keep a dignified aura because of that none approaches me. I lost all chances of making friends.MY LIfE SUCKS!!!!!.It is so boring.

Even that noble little lady what was her name Yeah that's right Clarissa is eating happily chatting with her friends.

Why only me.....I am going to stop pitying myself anymore.I thought school would be fun.I guess not. Thats when I saw Andre entering with his best friend Darius behind them is a  pink haired girl who is drenched. 

Did she fell in the pond or something. I hope she doesn't get a cold. Well even if she gets a cold she just has to run about 10 laps around the academy that's what I do in order to avoid colds or used to do sometime back .When was it.Anyways Stop thinking to yourself now.

WOW All of them looks so good.Even when I am 16 My face doesn't have that much changes just plain old long white hair and red eyes.Wait isn't that the prodigy what was her name,Lyra no Lyca no I know it. It is on the tip of my tongue that's right I get it Lycaria.

"Thank..thank you your highness."

"Silly.It is my duty. You saved me. Otherwise I would be the one who is drenched now instead of you.Thank you." said Andre.

So that's the case.She saved him.

"Well little beauty you should look at me too. Is only your highness that handsome."said Darius and he winked at her playfully.

She blushed.

That's when Louis  entered "oh is the little angel blushing now.Maybe it is because I entered."

"Or maybe it is because of my godly looks." said Matt.

Her face looks like a tomato now.So cute.I wish I could just pull her cheeks.My thoughts do not match my expressionless face.So people might think that I look angry or constipated.Get my joke.hihihihi.

"Stop teasing her guys.." said Andre

"oh Someone snapped"Darius said playfully.

"Here is a towel for you sis. So you don't get  cold"Ron said.

"Thank you"

Where did he come from.He has a talent to appear out of nowhere.

Somehow this scene looks so funny. I wish I just had some popcorn with me. I could just sit back and watch the show. It looks so entertaining.

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