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Roseline Pov

Well it seems the first year is over. It went by very fast. All I can remember is people accusing and criticizing me. What a fun year it was.

Nowadays no one pays any attention to me but somehow I am still popular with the rumors.I have no idea how that happens.Well Now we got a month vacation. Hooray.I am not happy at all.I could handle the academy but I just cant stay at home but nevertheless I have to go back to that hellhole.WHY GOD WHY?

Maybe it is the retribution of my past life.

All the people here were so excited to go back home to enjoy their holidays. They were planning meetups and dates with each other before they went back home. How nice.

I will surely miss Mrs.Norton and the mermaids.

Before going Mrs Norton gave me hairclip. It was so beautiful. It was silver in color with red rubies.

"Wow Mrs. Norton that sure is expensive. Should you really give that to me"

"Well I don't know about you .It is a custom to gift someone for their birthday."

"What "

"Happy birthday Roseline"

Its my birthday how can I forget. I finally turned 17.

I cried. It's been so long since someone celebrated my birthday.

I hugged her. "Thank you. Thanks so much I will treasure it my entire life."

I put it in a box. I don't want to dirty it. It is really precious.

In the carriage ride, I was thinking about my past year. Its as really better than being a lifeless doll at home.

Well I am back.

My room remains the same as ever. I actually took about 20 books from the library to survive here. Suddenly the maid announced "Master is requesting your presence in the study "

"Yes". She left.

I hope nothing bad happens with the talk.

"Good evening Sir"

My father mother and my little brother are here. Since my kind cute backstabbing brother is here they most probabaly would know about the rumors. I hope it doesn't get physical. I could actually take a hit but if it is coming from I parents it will pain my heart even if I don't want any relations with them whatsoever.

"Did you want to see me"


"Do you know what you have done" asked Duchess Wells suddenly.

"What do you refer to "I replied with my well known poker face.

"How dare you talk back to her,you slut"asked my father.

I don't know why but I suddenly feel like so angry how dare they talk back to me like that.Do they know who I am.Never in my life someone called me slut even if it is enemies I respect them not like this.Wait a minute who am I.I feel like I am supposed to be someone who should be respected.I want to punch that stupid little face eventhough he is biologically my father.

But I calm myself down.Not know..

"How can you bully someone. I can't believe I got such a pathetic being as my daughter..Just because you got jealous doesn't mean you have to hurt her like that. You humiliated your brother in front of his friends"


"Shut up"

"I don't want this repeating am I clear. As a punishment you are not going to get to eat for a week. If anyone sees you eating you will get whipped."

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