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Rosaline POV

The world that I am currently living in called Garentia. It is divided into six different kingdoms.







I am living in the kingdom of Elria which is the 3rd most powerful kingdom in Garentia.

The most powerful of the seven kingdoms is Mystia. It is an unspoken rule not to mess with the people of Mystia.If you provoke them your head would be missing.They are basically cold people.They will only talk if it seems necessary. They slaughter the  people whom they don't like. Basically no one travels to that kingdom but it is also one of the richest kingdom basically due their strategies of utilizing their resources.The people are really educated and united that they solve all the problems without any fights among themselves.Hats off to the king.!!!They are really diplomatic and no one messes with them.All the other kings are really afraid of this kingdom and basically try not to get in their way.Even when comparing academic values,The Azure Academy is in the top.

The next comes the Pera kingdom.They are really friendly people.Their business flourishes because of their friendly relations.Even the king of Mystia cannot ignore the Perian people's charm.They got one of the largets army.People are good and kindhearted.

Then next comes our very own kingdom Elria.They are the third most powerful kingdom ony because 90% of the population posseses really considerable amount of magic.

No matter how many times I convince myself magic exist.I just cant believe it.Its completely irrational according to my conscience anyway.Thats no the only thing that I cant cope up with.This place even got all of the non existing creatures.Non existing?How did I know they were non existing?My stupid little brain.I mean vampires,mermaids,beatsman,warlocks,vampires etc etc etc.It is basically a fictional magical world. I feel like I am in video game.Wait......What is a ideo game.?????????????.My mind is going crazy.I feel like going for an adventure.

Then next comes Frin and Clamora. Basically both of them are equally powerful.I mean they have been waging wars for years. They  fight with each other a lot. Even the citizens of each kindom avoids each other like plague.All the other kingdoms got fed up of it and built a huge wall separating both of the kingdoms.

Next comes the kingdom of Sonora.They are basically people who will die for peace. Calm and peace is what the kingdom is all about.They don't fight.They don't argue.All that matters to them is peace.

There are many organizations and companies in the world which are as strong as the kingdoms.Some people blindly follow these organizations instead of the kingdom.This leads to rebellions and war.Somehow everything is just in place.There are even magic beasts in the worldwhose ores can be uses to increase our magic levels.How cool is that.

Each kingdom has their own academy .Mystia has Azure academy.Pera has Perillian academy.Elria has Solaria academy.Frin has Killie academy.Clamora has Vyra academy.Sonora has Peace academy.

Well now back to my depressing childhood.

When I became 9.For the first time in my life my mother came to my room."Get up sweety!!"Am I dreaming.Did she hit her heed somewhere. "Mother?"I saw her smiling at me for the first time."Get dressed sweety!!"

"Yes Mother"

I was happy.

When I rushed downstairs ,I saw my Dad smiling at me"Good Morning Rosaly!!!"

Did he just wish me.Omg He just wished me eventhough he got my name wrong.I mean who forgets their own daughter name.Maybe he got some memory problem but I didn't mind it.I was happy.

Anne-san smiled at me after seeing my expression.

She came close to me and whispered" You are not dreaming honey,Wipe your tears away."

That's when I noticed that I was crying.I wiped my tears away.

"Good morning father".This was the first time that I ate to my hearts content

"Sir,her name is Rosaline" Anne san corrected him.

"Is that so."He returned to do what he was doing.

Suddenly my little brother rushed in the room yelling"Daddy"

"Oh Ronny!!!!.Come here did you eat"

"No daddy I was training. I defeated Glis  today."

Glis is his sword trainer.

He is developing fast isn't he.But somehow I feel his sword techniques are floppy. Don't ask  me why. I just feel it.

"Really.I knew you got my genes. What do you expect  from the strongest knight in the kingdom of Elria."

Yep he was indeed really strong. His tale was legendary.

"Dad I am going  to grow up just like you"

"That's my son"

"Oneechan what are you doing here. Don't you have to study manners. Yesterday I saw Esmeralda-san chasing after you.   Why can't you learn properly. You are really spoiling our name .Yesterday mother cried because of you at the tea party as they mocked her. Change your ways already. I am saying this for your own good. I mean look at the other noble's daughter".

Who does he thing he is .He is clearly a 7 year old brat. What happened to my cute little bro. How dare he slander me like that. I am different so what accept it. I am older than him. Doesn't he know the basic courtesy to respect his elders. Now he wants me to learn it. My anger kept on boiling. If he say one more word I am seriously going ALL OUT.

Suddenly Father slammed the table. Atleast he gets me.

"Are you skipping your lessons. YOU UNGRATEFUL BRAT!!!.We didn't even give you a coming of age ceremony just because YOU ARE AN EMBARRSEMENT TO ALL OF US!!!.That's it get out of my sight before I make you." His hand started surrounding with flames.


I cowered.

Anne-san came in front of me protecting me." Sir ,please restrain yourself"

That's when mother entered the scene.

"Roland stop. What are you doing. She is the crown prince's fiancé. Remember how hard you worked for it."

That's when my father restrained himself.


I was shocked.

"Listen here carefully my daughter. You are now engaged to the crown prince. This is the first time in  my life that I feel really happy to have a daughter in  my life. Dont spoil it for me.It is your duty as my daughter..."

"you maid now onwards you are fired. Go back home after collecting your remaining pay. I  don't want to see you hanging around her anymore"

That was the last straw .I gave up.I will do their bidding just for the sake of it.

Before Anne san went she gave me a piece of paper containing her address. "Don't worry my little angel,if somehow they kick you out feel free to come to my humble abode.I will even adopt you as my own daughter .Remember my offer. Now stop crying like that. No matter what I will always support you."

That's it my only family is leaving me. just cant stand it.

And just like that she went.

I learned my manners. I attended parties. I excelled at everything. No one had any complained.

When we reach the age of 12 we have to go to test our magic capacities.

That was the first time that I saw the crown prince of Elria,"Andre di siiva ".


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