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The capability test was actually held in the garden of the palace.

All the kids who were 12 was supposed to test their magic level and attribute.

(Magic is differentiated into common ,rare and legendary.

Common-Fire, water, air, earth.

Rare-Shape-shifting,telepathy,mind control.

Legendary-light, darkness.)

All the children were standing in a line.We have to place our hand on the globe.The colored particle and the intensity will show us the magic that we possess.

The crown prince Andre de Silva was sitting near a tree with his best friend , Darius, the royal knight captain's son who is supposed to be his bodyguard ,Louis,the foreign minister's son, Matt-the son of the academy principal and my little brother.

Seriously all of them are really good looking .Its like staring into a paradise. That's when I locked my eyes with the prince. I quickly wiped my drool away and repositioned myself.He started walking.

Maybe he got bored.

Wait isn't hw walking toward me.

"hey you are my fiancé aren't you.Nice to meet you.My name is Andre de Silva."

"Hello.My name is Rosaline Alexandria Wells.Pleasure is all mine".

Afterwards he introduced all his friends to me.All them are really good people.But because of my training,I had to put up a fake attitude.I don't think they like that.

After talking they just went back.

All the girls whom I met in the parties were there in the test and are still trying to curry my favor since I was going to be the future queen. Even though it is annoying I have to put up with it.That's my life.

Except for one ,Lycaria von Kelp.She was all alone standing there without a care on the world. Even  though she looked out of place.She looked so confident and free. Something that I deeply wished for.

"Who does she think she is?How dare she look at the prince." said Clarrisa.

"Who is that? I asked.

"That is the illegimate daughter of Baron Kelp,Lycaria von Kelp."

"Doesn't she look like a goody two shoes."

Even Andre seems captivated by her.I could see his eyes twinkling from here.

Young love!!sigh

Arent I suppose to oppose it.Thats right.This is not supposed to happen.Lets meet her.

"Hey.Are you lost"

She looks so cute.She got smooth pink wavy hair which reaches till her hip and captivating green eyes.She looks like a goddess unlike me.Wow she is hot...

"Hello my name is Lycaria von Kelp.Its nice to meet you.You are the fiancé of the crown prince right.I am so excited to meet you Rosaline"

"How did you know".Well that's creepy.

"Its just that just that that's right  I mean everyone heard the news right"


"Eventhough it wont last long"Lycaria whispers..

That's double creepy."Anyway good to see you too"

Suddenly she falls down and starts crying.

I hate when people cry .I stopped crying when I was 9.I don't know what to say.

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