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Stupid Prince Pov I mean Andre Pov

My name is Andre de Silva.

The son of King Edward de Silva and queen Lillith de Silva.

The crown prince of the kingdom of Elria..

The son of the two most powerful mages of the kindom of Elria..

That's me..

No pressure whatsoever....

Everyone expects me to be prim and proper since I will be the future king of the kingdom.

Its as if I don't have a life at all.

I got a high tendency to break rules but I cant.I am not allowed to no I am not expected to.

I always used to watch other kids play outside while I was not allowed to do so.My childhood revolved around the walls of the castle in other words my prison..

That changed when I first met Darius. He was my best buddy. Eventhough his father was the head captain of the royal knights he aspired to be the prime minister,As I was running away from my duties he was doing the exact opposite . He took me out and showed me the world.

I used to envy the normal people. I mean they get to do what they want. But Darius made me realise that all these people get to enjoy their life just because of some people's sacrifice.

Seeing their happy faces made me realise something.

I want my life to mean something.I will keep them smiling.I am willing to be that sacrifice just like Darius.

I trained to be the best.

I accepted my position and strived to be the better king just like my father..

My dad and my mom are really good people. I mean people adore them.Eventhough he is the king he always makes it that he got time for his family.

Outside I don't talk much because of the all the fake faces that I have to see.

But I got a lot of friends.Darius became my best buddy,Then there is louis and matt.

Once I met the current prime ministers son Ron who was two years younger than me.For some  or the other reason he used to idolize me and we became quick friends.

One day my father called me to his office.When I was about to enter I saw the prime minister exiting the room with a happy expression.

"why did you call me"i asked my father.

"Your engagement is fixed with Roseline Alexandria Wells the daughter of the prime minister"

The news shattered me.

I always wanted to find the person who I wanted to spent the rest of my life with. Not like this.

"how could you decide that without my permission "I asked him.

"Well you know the prime minister is my best friend I cant just say no to him. I tried to delay it as long as I could .If he had to be this forceful maybe the little girl idolizes you or something."

"But I wanted to find a person whom I like.Marriages don work like this"I said.

Atleast he should give me the right to decide this.

"Talk to the girl. Maybe she is the one whom you are destined to be with.Who knows.If something happens I will dissolve the engagement."

"I didn't even know the prime minister had a daughter now you expect me to do this"

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