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Roseline Pov

"NO,I wont give up.I would rather die than surrender.It is just not in my blood.hihihi"

I laughed.

People started staring at me as If I was mad.

I mean they have all the right to think that who wouldn't when they see a bloody person standing up with a broken leg and arm.

Eventhough  I stood up I felt like i was runover by a truck.

"Just give up I don't want to continue this"Gavin said.

I charged at him with my dagger."Why do I have to This moment is all I have been waiting for."

He looked shocked"Why don't  you understand  I wont spare you this time"

"So be it"I retorted with a cool smile.

No one uttered a single word.It was really silent except for the sound of the metal cashing with each other.

I somehow escaped his frontal attacks but He hit me with a surprise attack in the stomach.I should have dodged it.He used this momentum to hit me with his strongest attack.

I fell again.

I am too exhausted to even move my finger.

"Will you give up now"he asked me pitfully.


Some people in the audience started crying.This may be my end.

"Just kill her off why do even bother to make her the centre of attraction"someone shouted when I turned around to see the culprit i was the least bit suprised of course it would be my father.What a jerk..

I dont htinkk he meant to say that loudly since people around him started to stare daggers at him even i sense some killing intent from the audience.But one thing that surprised me the most was that my little brother was crying.He was crying sincerely for me maybe he held affection for me in some place in his heart maybe our point of views were different whatever the case may be he is still my little brother.

"Oneechan..."He cried pitifully.

Maybe this is the end..

I closed my eyes waiting for my death.Gavin reluctantly charged towards me.Suddenly My life passed before my eyes.The peaceful memories were only little.But i did like some aspects of my life like Anne,the library, my brother.

But suddenly one of my pastlife memories flashed before my eyes.The day i made my katana.

It was one rainy day.It was really a tiring process but no matter how many times I wield the sword it didnt feel like it belonged to  me.So I kept on swinging.When i walked back home.I stopped in the nearby park to swing it again.I kept on swinging again.Suddenly after x amount of swings i felt like it belonged to me.The rain stopped at  the same time and the  sunlight mirrored in the blade.I raised it up suddenly due to the wind the sakura petals from the nearby tree fell on the sword.

That's when i felt like naming my sword.

"Sakura,That shall be your name .The one that clears up the sky and challenges ahead.Sakura."

I opened my eyes .Sakura huh.

At the same time in the Aizawa household

"Kids its time to choose a weapon fro yourself.As you know this is a very important day in this house since once you have selected your weapon it would remain with you throughout your own life maybe even after death as the legend say kukuku who knows.First let us go to the storeroom."The old caretaker said to the kids.

Suddenly a handsome guy with unparalleled looks just passed by.

"Young Master are you coming with us"

He nodded.

All of them walked to the storeroom.

When they entered the storeroom he took a different path  and went to the another room.

Even though people enter this room rarely it looked clean because he cleaned this room everyday no matter how hectic his schedule is.Just like all the days he started cleaning.But when he opened the sword case the sword he was looking after was missing.

The atmosphere changed completely.The room became cold.There was a trace of heavy killing intent in the air.

But he knew no one would dare to steal this sword as the security in this room  was topnotch.

Maybe the prophecies are true.Maybe the sword went to the person it as contracted to.

He stared at the case for a few seconds.

Drops of tears stared falling on the case.

Why...Why did you have to leave us...

Why is fate like this .Why did god have to take you away.I badly want to but i cant protect you anymore.Your birthdays used to be the most precious days of my life now all those days are my never ending sorrows .

But you are once again alive somewhere where i cant reach you.You may not even remember me anymore but it is okay as long as you are safe and live a healthy life unlike this one.

I don't care where you are

Please stay safe

Remember You should not get defeated by anyone .Always go ahead.

I cant protect you any longer but remember you are always a part of this precious family.

What to do Sister once i come here my tears just wont stop since you are not here to wipe them off. I am pathetic aren't I.."He smiled sadly.

He closed the case and started cleaning the rest of the room.

Before leaving he opened the case one more time.

This time when he opened the sword was inside the case.

The blade was perfectly clean and was sparkling.

It is a custom for the aizawa's that after every match or battle you are supposed to clean the sword really well such that it still looks new immediately after the match.

"Looks like you have won .You are definitely my sister."

He smiled.

He left the room.

Before closing the room he sighed"I feel sorry for the people who were facing her.I wonder are they even alive Who knows.haha."

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