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Roseline Pov

"I don't think she is even listening" said Darius.

"Roseline..Hello.You there.."

Okay now back to all the drama.Now that I remembered my past. I feel like my old self not some bottled up lifeless doll. Actually speaking this scenario was supposed to happen the next year but it is happening now which means someone changed the original story line. I didn't do anything which means someone else also reincarnated.Now that I think about wih all the smirks and rumors I get who it is well.

I am pretty sure it is our well known so called innocent prodigy,Lycaria.....and here I though she was really cute and innocent.WAS I THAT DENSE BEFORE?????

Oh miss you are messing with the wrong person well two can play this game .

"What is it."I snapped.

Now one can stop me when I am angry and this stupid prince is getting on my nerves.

"Well you witch,I dot want to have any relations with you.Even I am repulsed my breathing the same air with you.Be gone."



Calm down Roseline...Calm down..

"Well lets talk this out peacefully shall we."

"Pease don't try to make meaningless rumors about me.All these times I didn't react because it didn't affect me.But now since I am having trouble I will deal with this"I said confidently.

People around me cowered, Lycaria looks little bit scared .I guess people understood the change in my aura.Maybe I look like a different person now...


No one moved."Now no one wants to answer ahhh....If that is the case then so be it..."


I said to kaira..

"Who did you hear the rumors from..."

"I don't know it was their all around the campus."


Kaira looked shocked...

I am sorry kaira but when I am angry I cant control myself.

She pointed to a brown haired girl


"Forgive me I heard it from my friend."

Well the chain continued final it became a green haired girl.

"One day I saw Lycaria's knee scrapped,she was talking to kaira in the garden saying Rose-sama so I thought that you must have bullied her";she said shivering.

"I am sorry Rose-sama I didn't know it would be the start of all the rumors.Please forgive me."

"So kaira did she talk anything about me "

"No she never said anything.She always said that she was careless but she looked scared so I thought you must have bullied her."

"So are you saying you have been accusing me because of some baseless assumption."I questioned her.

She looks conflicted.

"Well lets get to the main part little angel"

"Did I Roseline ALexandria Wells ever bullied you Lycaria Von Kelp"

"Its not not Rose sama's fault Its all"

"Oh will you cut the crap cant you just answer the question yes or no without all the crying."I snapped.

"Don't talk like that to her.Just because I like her why do you have to be so cruel to her"siad Andre.

"That's right don't talk as if you are a saint."said Ron

"Will you just shut up I asked her not you is your name Lycaria no right so just shut up."

"Trust me little brother you haven't seen me angry and you don't want to"

"so yes or no"

"I asked if it is a yes or no."

"No,I slipped and fell ok. I fell in love with the prince and I wanted to make him mine so I deliberately made it like you bullied me .Tell me is what I did wrong. I just wanted loe I am sorry Rose-sama. Andre I didn't mean to deceive you I am serious I am sorry. I will leave and I will never come back. You don't need to  annul the engagement."

"But remember Andre I did love you sincerely "She looked at Andre and started leaving.

"Where are you going???I forgive ypu after all you did stole my heart.I mean I loved you not because I pitied you I loved you because of your sincere character.Even if you didn't do all this I would still have fallen for you"Andre said

"So you forgive me"


After that they hugged.

Well I am speechless. For the past one year I had it but now I don't know how to react..

"That's so romantic"

"that's right she did it for love right"

People started supporting them.

"We are still your friends"said Matt and louis.

Kaira looked angry"How dare you deceive me. After all I did for you."she said to Lycaria

"After all I did for you you lied and betrayed me.How dare you. Was I even you best friend..."

Well people that's how you react when a person deceives youu.I something wrong with the people's head.

"How can you oppose love Rose-sama"

"I didn't know you were this cruel"

Great I am the bad guy again....

"Okay okay I don't care I mean I don't even like you.You are too stupid "

"Thank you Rose-sama and I am really sorry I didn't mean to"

As if I will believe someone a two faced as her...

 I smiled.

"I m sorry Roseline for everything...but I have to annul the engagement"

"That's okay but remember I am the one who doesn't want you and not the other way around the only reason I even agreed for it was only because of my parents.I don't like you and hats the end of it.I want to annul the engagement with you."

Andre looked angry.

"But remember being crooked wont do you any good.i mean you just lost your best friend.I dont think she will forgive you because she has something called integrity.So I will advice you to stop it. It is for your own good. Maybe she will forgive you"I said it to Lycaria.

She looked angry but I hope she will change.

"Look I get everything but aren't you bullying her now"said that stupid prince.

"In my world this is called advicing"

"Why cant you leave her alone"said Andre

Ok that's it he is seriously making me so angry .I cant control it anymore.

"That's it"

 I punched him.

That's right I punched him right on his face.If you ask me. he deserves it

He deserves it a lot.

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