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Roseline Pov

"What do you think you guys are doing?"

Both of them notice my presence. Andre looked guilty.

Lycaria kneeled before me and started crying

"Rose-sama. I am sorry. I am sorry. Its all my fault. I know it is wrong. I tried to keep myself away from Andre but I just couldn't control my heart.(sobs) He didn't do anything wrong. We were just talking and one thing led to another and it was me who initiated the kiss. Don't blame him.It is my fault. Punish me not him. Its my own fault.My own(sob)."

Tried to keep away from him.?REALLY?After all the warnings I gave both of them were sticking to each other like glue.

"Lyca just"

"No Andre it is my own delusion. I don't want to be the lady who stole someone's fiancé. Its all my own fault that I thought I could be happy with you."

Now I could see the whole gang arriving.

"What happened"asked Darius.

"Who made you cry Lyca" asked Louis.

"You bastard you promised her you would make her happy."Matt said angrily.

" Its not Andre's fault its my own fault for falling for him"

WOAH will this drama get over any time now.I could eat 10 hamburgers and read 5 books by the time they finish.(yawns)This is so cliché.

Kaira noticed my presence. "Did you bully her again.This time I swear I am not going to let you off."

"Well calm down everyone lets solve this peacefully. Matt will you please release Andre."said Darius.

Matt removed his hands from Andre's collar.

"What happened Lyca"

"Well Its my own fault If I didn't"

"Okay Okay I get  that already will you come to the matter now,by the time you finish I could run 10 laps,just summaries it. will you"I said angrily. well its not my fault with the speed she is going she wont finish it anytime soon."

All of them gave me a surprised look even Lycaria stopped crying momentarily "Is something wrong.

"No this is the first time you talked normally with us"

opps.I forgot about it.I just kept my poker face and said "is that so".

Something is wrong with me today.I feel so hyper today.It is as if something big is going to happen to me.

"isn't it enough that you get to bully her how dare you be rude to her. Did you forget about your punishment that easily"said Ron.

Well welcome back to the topic.

Woah he gave me a scare.Where did he come from.Is he learning to be an assassin or something.

"Don't  think I forgot the fact that that you send people to kidnap her . If I didn't see her at the right time then"


Matt took his knife."You are dead today"


Louis stopped him.

Can I sit now.My legs started to ache.What is up with the drama.Are they shooting  soap opera or something.Wait what was a soap opera again?????

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