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Roseline Pov

WOAH!!!!.This is a lot to take in but I knew it all along that I was different. The prince is saying something to me. Lycaria is crying for who knows for what reason. Does she have never-ending tears or what. People are talking among themselves. But I can't hear anything . Why should I care. It is as if the whole world is going in slow motion. The only thing that I can concentrate is myself.

OH NO............I got reincarnated!!!!!!!

I used to be a normal high school girl. Well not that normal.hihihi

Considering the fact that I was one of the heirs of the Aizawa family. Well speaking of the Aizawa family, they are easy going people but it is better if you do not provoke them.If you did you better wish you were dead...It is also said most of their brains are just muscles as they overcome most of their problems with just pure passion without any logical reasons and I was one of them.I just got  a crazy family and I used to love them very very much.

I used to have an older brother and one younger sister and one younger brother. My older brother used to be my partner in crime. Those were fun times. My parents used to dote on me a lot since I was their first daughter.My younger brother and sister likes me  a lot since I used to look after them as my parents used to busy when they were small. Basically I was the gem of the Aizawa family

Now that I think about it I am lucky to be part of such a great family.That is how a family should be.Together in times of good and bad. My conscience was right. All these years I thought it was my fault but no I haven't done anything wrong.

Well speaking of the Aizawa family, they are rich as we are connected in politics as well as business you name it..but never uses so much money since we used to live in a small house with my grandparents and cousins. Most of the money goes to charity. My second cousins and cousins lives in other states but we are thoroughly connected. Our family is pretty famous that people are actually scared of us but they are still grateful to us considering the amount of charity we do.

Another thing is that we are from a descendents of warriors because of that we are supposed to train from when we are 3 in any weaponary. Well I used to be prodigy in that being the second most powerful warrior in my family. Well first was of course my brother .I could never defeat him and looked up to him. But  he refused to be the head candidate of the family to be a doctor when he was 10.I was 6 at that time. I was angry at him I mean no one was more capable than him.

"Oniichan why did you do that"I asked.

He looked at the night sky from my window and said"Sometimes there are more things out in the world that gets your blood to rush to you head other than when you hold a sword. You will realize it when you find that something. I hope you find that..."With that he left.

From that moment my brother became my personal advisor.

When I was 12 I found that something. It was sports.It was so interesting. We can never predict the outcomes in sports but we still remain as passionate and optimistic as we could.

After that I was so into sports that I used to play football with my friends without even sleeping.I was the ace of the football team. I even played other sports but mainly focused on football.

I used to be beauty...Because of all this I became tomboyish with crew cut hair and bandages all in my face due to injuries.I mean what can we do there is pain in any gain...

People used to think that I was a boy crossdressing as a girl no matter how many times I try to convince them.Many girls proposed to me saying that I was a beautiful boy that they wanted to be my girlfriend and they didn't mind that I  used to crossdress .Once I was even prohibited to enter the girls toilet...That's enough of all the embarrassing stories.

I climb trees building you name it.My family used to support me.My brother became a very famous surgeon even in his college years well what can I say he got the Aizawa gene.hahaha. As long as I am alive I will never give up .

One day I oversept after training all night suddenly my best friend called me scolding me for forgetting that I had a match that day..I took my bag and said bye to all my family member that day and I am glad I did because that was the last time that I saw all of them.I took my bicycle and started pedaling really fast. Thats when I saw a little girl on the road who was about to get hit by a truck.Well not on my watch.

I only remember saving her and I don't have any memory about anything that happened after it. Well I guess I died. I am pretty sure my family is really sad but I know that they can go on in their life especially for my sake.Oh god please  make sure that nothing happens to my family...That was my last thought....

Well now I am here.But the most funny thing is that I  don't remember my name or others name in past life..

That is basically my past life.

Now that I think about it what happened to my football match.. I hope my team won otherwise I would make them go for training. I badly want to train now how long as it been since I have trained.

Now that I think about it these people all look familiar to me.Oh oh I got it.

aren't these the characters of the shoujo novel mu sister used to read .She used to love this novel a lot that she told me this story about a 100 times. Now that I think about it I am the villainess. No wonder people used to be like that and in the ending Roseline dies by the hand of the fiancé.

Well let me tell you people should think twice before they kill me otherwise they would pay.DONT MESS WITH THE AIZAWA'S..huhhahahah(evil laugh):))))

But WHY GOD why cant you reincarnate me in some kind of action or sports novel but a shoujo novel really.Dont tell me you made a mistake...

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