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Roseline Pov

The room was silent. No one talked.

I stared at the queen.The queen was thinking with closed eyes.This gives me the creeps what kind of a strategy is she planning even the king is clueless.

"Fine."the queen said

"What??".This is unexpected.What is she planning!!!!

"The kingdom will let you go.You will be free of this kingdom.Just like any other outsider you can come to this kingdom with a travelling permit.Is that what you want."

"Yes.Your Majesty.Thats exactly what I want" I bowed.

People started cheering for me eventhough they are sad with my decision since they understood my predicament they supported me.

"Do the people of the kingdom support this decision."she asked.

"Yes"they chorused. 

"But I don't agree with this so does the king right dear"she said

What is she upto no wonder she is the last boss.

"Yes dear I don't agree with the decision to letting her go since she can be a asset to the kingdom an I cant let the other kingdom to take advantage of it."said the king.

"Well I cant ask you not to help the other kingdom as you are your own person.So I won't make it that difficult for you "said the queen and smiled at me.

What she meant to say was that she could turn me into  lifeless person without any will of my own if she wanted to but she wont do that since she feels its wrong.She just has to give orders.

That's true..

"Thank you queen for not making it harsh for me."I sincerely thanked her. 

"But I wont let you go that easily since you would make a great queen.You can understand my predicament since both of us operate on the same wavelength."

That's also true.I mean she would make a great mother in law I can imagine all the people who we could get under our claws if we stick together only if her son was not that stupid.

"So as a queen according to our custom since the people disagree on the decision made by the royalty just like all the times the final decision will be decided by a challenge "

"Now it is upto us to decide it."


If it was some maths problem or something it would be good.This seems pretty easy.

"A similar situation like this has happened before around 100 years ago when a crown prince wanted to get married to another princess from another kingdom which he couldn't since he was the crown prince.

Since he loved that princess he asked the king to exile him so he could be with her but the king refused since the prince would make a great king and also knew most of the secrets of the kingdom.He decided he would drink the elixir to forget all the important things but the king was still reluctant to let him go so asked the peoples opinion the people supported the prince since they knew how much he loved her. So he put forth a challenge for the prince. He didn't want him to suffer so he put forth a challenge that was to defeat the ten most strongest people in the kingdom continuously without a single break. He made that condition like that since the crown prince was the 11th most powerful person in the kingdom and knew he couldn't  withstand it and would give up.(But in his generation the crown prince was the strongest),He battled with them and won which made people consider him as a hero. Well he lived happily ever after with the princess and both the countries had a harmonious relationship after that"

Are you kidding me. Does she want to kill me. Am I supposed to fight with the ten most strongest people in the kingdom just with a small dagger and a water abilities.

The people looked shocked .Even they are thinking the same as me.

"Your highness, I am not a crown prince or any of the important figures of the kingdom so how is this situation similar"

She laughed, " You are funny child even I don't expect you to fight the ten most strongest people of the kingdom.  But the situation is similar. The crown prince loved the princess and you love your freedom. Both of you want to get exiled. But the royalty considers you as an asset .Dont worry since you are not that important I wouldn't  ask you to drink the elixir .You get it don't you."

I asked,"So let me get straight to it what is the challenge."

"Oh.You just have to fight three of the strongest people "

"What three of the strongest people of the kingdom.Do you want me to die.Are you-"

"Wait let me finish I know you woud probably die if you do that so you just have to take out the three most strongest people of the academy excluding the prince and Lycaria"

The people clapped.


"You cant interfere, the decision is made by the people do you accept it or not"

I got no choice do I .It is a good thing that I took the dagger with me or I wouldn't even last the first battle.I am officially dead.

"Wait"Darius said "Your highness you know about her low magic abilities how do you expect her to win. Isnt it just too one sided."

"Do you think like that" the queen said."Well the let me make it clear why did the king ask his own son to fight ten people who were just in an whole another level than him.He wanted to test his will.His commitment to win.The king knew it was impossible but some or the other way the prince won .This shows his will."

"Just like that I wanted to test her will.I know she is weak so I made it so that she just has to fight people her age and I avoided Andre and Lycaria since there magic abilities are way to high for her to handle if you ask me I made the decision like that so that  her winning chance is not low. Am I clear."

"Yes your highness "said Darius.

At least he helped me . I will always remember the favors you have done for me.Thank you Darius.

So it is unavoidable.

Well I will give it all I got. I will break down all the walls in front of me even if it is impossible. I will never give up until the day I die.

"So who are my competitors."

The queen asked the headmaster to announce the names.

"your competitors are Gavin(he is a third year student who got fire abilities and his capacity is a 80 out of 100.) Louis and Darius."

so darius I will think of the favors after the match ...I will keep that thought in hold.

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