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Right now I am standing in front of the garden witnessing my so called beloved fiancé kissing the current prodigy of Solaria Academy.What am I supposed to do now. My mind is now processing different strategies. Should I go away and act like nothing happened or should I react.Doesn't he even remember that he already has a fiancé. Whenever I tell that girl to get away from him, it becomes bullying and when I stopped it this is what happens JUST GREAT!!.

My chest pains, its not like I like him or anything but if I need my parents to look at me I just have to put up with it.If this progresses he will annul my engagement then my parents will be disappointed in me. No wonder I don't get a good vibe from the prince since he is such a cheating lying pig. Poor miss prodigy whose name I don't remember, she was such an angel I cant believe she felt for that stupid prince's charm. Now I have to make an enemy out of her. Poor me..

My name is Rosaline Alexandria Wells. The eldest daughter of the duke Wells and duchess Wells. My birth was not welcomed by my parents .I mean they were actually expecting a boy not a 24 hours crying baby it seems.Babies cry if you dont feed them properly . Its not my fault that god gave you guys a girl. I mean complain to the god not me. My parents always gave me a look of disgust sometimes I seriously feel like I am adopted. I was brought up by the maids.They actually pitied me.The head maid Anne-san is practically my mother.I was even named by them.So I strived to make them look at me.

Roland Wells ,my father is one of the dukes of Elria and most importantly the prime minister of Elria.He is seriousy a good looking ikemen sometimes I even cant believe he is my father.He got blonde hair and blueeyes.Well he pretty much got everything under control.He married the daughter of Duke Lane,Victoria Lane now called Victoria Wells who is still ranked the ranked the number 1 beauty.The perfect lady.People still call her that.Both of them still have fans all over the kingdom.She got green eyes and smooth long straight black hair. She is stunning just like a goddess. Sometimes I even wonder if I am actually their daughter. I mean I got white hair and red eyes like a zombie. Anne san told me that I actually inherited my hair color from my great grandmother from my mothers side and my eye color from my great grandfather from fathers side. Genes right!!!

When I was 2 years old, My baby brother was born. He was so cute. He was named by my father as Ron Xavier Wells.He was dotted by both of my parents.He was the jewel in my grandparents eyes.Even the maids started looking after him more. Even my heart swayed towards him.He is seriously cute..

When I finally become 3 I decided to work for my parents love. I only saw them five or six times. They don't even spend time with me.Anne-san helped me and consoled me.I gave my mother flowers, I knitted her scarfs eventhough ,I even tamed a puppy for her.But for each attempt she started disliking me more

"You made your dress dirty.How did I the number one beauty in town got such a filthy daughter.Maids take her away from me."Well so much for mother-daughter bonding.

Well my dad was just the same.Once when I went to his office to bring some coffee that I made.Even before I gave it to him he stared scolding me for some stupid reasons.Finally I got angry and I spilled the coffee on documents. Oops!!!.He spanked me many times till I passed out.No cared for me except for Anne-san.

"Don't let it bother you.They don't understand the value of the tressure hidden in their cave.Someday someone will just like me."

My brother was the only family member who liked me. He always comes after me calling "Oneechan".Its too cute.I always have nosebleeds around him.

Anne san is such a sweetheart. I accepted my fate. My parents are like that there is nothing I can do about it. When I was 8 years old ,my parents started my lady training.Apparently the way I eat ,walk talk,even laugh is wrong.I live like that it is none of their concern.They even started separating my brother from me saying that I will teach him bad things too. They started using harsh methods to make me learn.

Soon my brother became one of them.

"You are really a disappointment. Its better if I didn't have a sister"I lost my brother. I finally felt broke.I cried the entire day in my room.Finally I had to give up. Well sometimes I feel like I am not normal and that I am not remembering something really important that I have to remember.

Whatever I am being taught of being a lady it goes against my conscience and I always feel like rebelling.But the people around me hates my attitude.I just have to suppress my own spirit I guess. Sometimes I feel like I am against the world.

Anne-san constantly encourages me. I don't know what I would do without her.She is my only ally in this world.She taught me to be kind and humble and told me to live my life in my very own way.She told me stories about the world.Both of us cooped up in our room talking about different things. She even taught me self defance.Atleast someone cares about me.

Rest of the years I spend my days happily with Anne-san without bothering anyone.I only need her.She told me that in the future that I will get friends and will be happy but I don't believe it.

l always felt like I belonged with her.

That time I didn't know my happiness was short lived....

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