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Roseline  Pov

After punching the stupid idiotic good for nothing prince, I finally feel satisfied. If I knew I could feel this good after punching him I would have done it a long time ago.

Well back to the scenario....

After the punch..

Everyone looked at me as if I was some foreign species. I swear I saw some flies going in the open mouths of some spectators. I wished I had a camera so that I could take a pic of Lycaria's face as I punched him. That was HILARIOUS.. I mean she didn't think that her so called heroic boyfriend couldn't handle a punch from a lady.  That would teach her not to mess with me.

Kaira looked at me with newfound respect .

Darius wanted to laugh at first but thinking about the situation I can see the nervousness in his eyes.

Louis and Matt still couldn't believe this situation....I swear I saw Louis rubbing his eyes and pinching himself to prove that this isn't a dream..

Well as for the prince. He fainted for 2-3minutes and after that gained his consciousness..I actually gave him a weak punch which can only break his nose but Ididnt think he was weak as to faint...Well he should train....

Eventhough the prince is handsome ,his red nose looks so funny.It is as if I am witnessing a clown in a circus...That is actually true he is a clown with his circus friends...hahahahaha.

I cant help but smile.Lock-san kept on laughing that he fell from a tree again.

Even I smiled..

"What did you do.How dare you beat  the face of the future king...if father hears it you are going to be dead.."


"Does anyone else have any complaints. If you do I don't mind since my fist can answer all your complaints..."I said..

I turned back and walked away while smiling. That was the first time that I smiled sincerely. I guess people got scared of my smile that they started bleeding from their noses. Well I cant help it if I got a scary face ..

I turned around facing Lycaria

"Oh by the way if you start accusing me of bulling and the rumors spread again, I will show you what real bullying looks like...GOT THAT.See I am not a person who bullies people if I don't like someone I will fight them and win in front of all the others unlike SOME PEOPLE "

With that I went back to my dorm looking at the worl with new found fascination..Well with all the punching more troubles are sure to come I should enjoy until then.

Let me guess first will be my parents.........who cares

Then the king.......................who cares..

The kingdom............who cares.

As long as I am alive and well I will break down all the things that are standing in my way that is Aizawa family motto.

As I am a part of that family,I will always follow my motto to the end..

I went to the library like normal. Mrs Norton congratulated me for finally having my own will. She laughed it out saying she wanted to punch I'm a long time ago...

"No matter what happens remember I will always support you"

"Thanks for being with me"

"Well kiddo what can I do with your irresistible charm "

Both of us laughed and talked for hours like usual ignoring the fact that this may be the last time in the academy that I will see her.I hope I could see her and talk to her again

"Mrs.Norton thanks for everything. If I make it out of this alive I will be at this address."

I gave her Anne-san's address.Well I plan to go there if I get a chance.I hope I get exciled instead of death..

She hugged me and kissed me on the forehead.

"Nothing is going to happen to a sweet child like you.You have my blessing.May you get happiness in this long and difficult journey.."

Both of us cried and laughed together.

In this academy the only memory I will have will be of Mrs.Norton,the mermaid s and faeries.

I promised the mermaid to visit their underwater palace.

My faerie friends told me they would help me in the way.

I thanked all of them.

I took one more tour of the whole place just like I did when I first came here ..

I know tomorrow all the battles will take place and I will finally be free.

Noone can stop me from gaining my freedom.

Goodluck trying to destroy me tomorrow...I hope ypu guys can give me a challenge.

I finally went back to my dorm and slept while looking at the moon form my window.

The moon looks as bright as ever.

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