Chapter 12

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Tris pov:

The next morning I look around the room and see that everyone is still asleep except for Edward, Myra, and Peter. They are getting dressed as I look at the clock and see that it is 7:45! I run to the front of the room and turn on the lights. Everyone continues sleeping, some people groaning telling me to turn off the lights. I roll my eyes and yell. "It's 7:45! You have 15 minuets to be ready and in the training room. With that everyone shoots up out of bed and start running around bumping into each other trying to get ready. I smirk and walk to the cafeteria to see it's almost completely empty, considering almost everyone has eaten already. When I say almost empty, I mean it's only me and Tobias. I look around and make sure nobody is watching, and run up to him and give him a quick peck on the lips and he says

"Good morning to you too" I just smile and go grab 4 blueberry muffins and run to the dorms.

Will, Al, and Christina walk over to me. I hand them each their muffin and we walk to the training room. We get inside I and I can see guns laid out across the tables which make me smile. Shooting guns has always been my favorite activity, while Tobias is best with knives.

Once everyone is in the room Four is standing in front all of us. Right as he opens his mouth to speak Eric walks in. I scowl. What's he doing here?

Eric walks up beside Four and says

" Initiates, I am Eric, a dauntless leader, and I will be over-seeing your training." Then Four speaks " The first part of training is physical, you will push your bodies to the breaking point. You will learn to fight, and handle knives and guns. The second part of training is mental, you will go through a series of simulations, you face your fears and conquer them." He says. Then Eric adds " This will also determine who gets cut." Me and Christina look at each other confused and she asks "cut?!"

"At the end of each stage of training, the lowest ranking initiates will be leaving us." He answers.

"To do what?" Al asks

"There's no going home to your families, so you'd live factionless." "Why didn't we know that? Will says.

"It's a new rule." Eric growls

"A new rule? Somebody should have told us that." Christina says angrily

"Why? Would you have chosen differently? Or out of fear? Well if that's the case, you might as well get out now. If you're really one of us it won't matter to you that you might fail. Now you chose us, now we get to choose you." He smirks evilly. After a long silence, Four picks up a gun and shows everyone how to use is properly.

" everyone grab a gun." I go and grab one excited to be able to shoot again. Everyone grabs one and stands in front of their targets. While They are all studying their guns, trying to get the proper stance, I shoot. Dead center.

I shoot again right through the first hole. I do it once more. I smile in accomplishment. I then look around and see all eyes are on me. When I look at Four I see he is just smirking. I blush and Eric says " how did you do that?!"

I just shrug. " shoot everyone else's targets." He demands. I do as he says and hit the bulls eye every time. I look up and see that Lauren the dauntless born trainer is now in the room.

" use your gun to write something on the walls" she says. I smile and start shooting. In the end I made a heart with T+B in the middle. I glance at Tobias and see he has a smile forming on is lips. " how did you do that?" Lauren asks in awe. Again, I just shrug.

" she asked you a question!" Eric screams at me. I roll my eyes and sigh,then say, " I have wanted to be dauntless my whole life so I trained in abnegation." She nods and says " this girl is dauntless at heart! Sneaking around abnegation and training, and by the looks of it she was dating someone to!" She wiggles her eyebrows and I blush and look down. " so who's your boyfriend stiff?" Eric says mockingly. I don't answer. " answer me stiff!" He yells. " I am not a stiff!" I snap. His eyes grow cold and he says

" tell me or you will be Factionless." I shiver at the thought. "Fine!" I say

I start running to Tobias who is is in the other side of the room watching. He starts running and we meet in the middle and I take his face in my hands and we kiss. He holds me close to him and I feel like nothing can stop us.

We pull apart and smile at each other. I look around and see everybody gaping at us. Eric's eyes are wide and he says

" of course! The two stiffs! It makes perfect since!" I whip my head around in his direction and speed-walk up to him " We.Are.Not.Stiffs!" I scream at him. I feel Tobias wrap his arm protectively around my waist. I hear a squeal from behind me and turn around to see Christina jumping up and down pointing at my hand.


IM GOING TO PLAN YOUR WEDDING AND WE WILL FIND YOU A FABULOUS DRESS!!!!" She runs up and hugs me. I just laugh and hug her back. She continues to hug me and I look at Tobias and mouth " help me"

He smiles and says " initiates get back to training!" She let's go and walks over to her target. I am about to walk away when Four grabs my wrist and pulls me into a hug. " I love you" he says.

"I love you too" I reply.

" Awwww!!! " I look around expecting to see Christina, but instead I find Will. I laugh and walk with him to the the targets and start shooting. Then I think to myself,

Tobias is mine, and I am his.

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