Chapter 13

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Tris pov:

We just finished our first day of training and I am sad it is already over. I could do this 24/7! I am slow jogging backwards towards the cafeteria with Christina, Will, and Al. " come on guys pick up the pace!" I say enthusiastically. They all groan and Christina says " how do you have so much energy? I feel like I could pass out right now!" She exclaims. I raise my eyebrows and say " you do realize all we did was practice handling guns right?" She just rolls her eyes.

We walk into the lunch room to our table and sit down. We all eat our food as Christina and Will bicker on about random crap, and me and Al just raise our eyebrows and exchange glances.
" you guys are like an old married couple" I say smirking. They both glare at me and Christina says " what about you?! You're the one that's engaged to someone you met yesterday!" She says. I look at Will and Al, who are both about to burst into laughter at her stupidity. " Christina, honey, baby," I say slowly. " I have known him since I was 6. He lived in Abnegation. We grew up together." I say. " ohhhh! I guess that makes since." She says. It's silent for a few seconds before we burst into laughter. " I guess we know who's not Erudite." I say through laughs and she just growls and looks down blushing a dark crimson color.

" who's not Erudite? " I hear from behind me. I turn to see Tobias sitting down next to me grabbing food.
" Christina, she thought that you and I only met yesterday." I say chuckling. He studies her face and says " maybe she's amity, based on the red color on her cheeks." She blushes harder while we laugh so much it hurts. Once we have all calmed down they ask how we met and " the story of us" and we told them about training, and sneaking out, and falling in love. " Awwww! That is so sweet!" Christina squeals. We all just roll our eyes. I am about to throw away my plate when Tobias says " NO! You can't eat a meal without cake!" He exclaims slowly letting down his walls.

"Cake?" I asked unimpressed. He gasps.

" it's not just any cake it's..." He takes a deep breath and says " Dauntless cake." Literally everyone in the cafeteria stops and stares and Two boys, one I know as Uriah and one that is a little shorter but stronger. They are both obviously brothers.

I blush at all the attention.

" Did I hear Dauntless" Uriah says.

"Cake?" The other boy asks finishing his sandwhich. ( * wink, wink*)

" yes." Tobias says. " Zeke, Uriah, and cafeteria full of other random people. You are about to experience a famous moment in history, these initiates first dauntless cake." He says excited.

Gasps erupt from the crowd as people pull out their phones to record. " it's just cake." I say and Four starts falling back with his eyes shut and Zeke and Uriah catch him. To wake him up, they hold dauntless cake in front of his nose and he suddenly wakes up. He takes the cakes that they were holding and hands them to the Four of us. We take a bite one at a time and the other three flip out. Now it is down to me. The whole room quiets waiting to see my reaction. I take a chunck of cake onto my fork and say " it can't be that good" then shove it into my mouth. I chew for a few seconds trying to figure out of I like it. I drop my fork.

I gasp. " THIS TASTES LIKE THE CANDY BAR YOU AND I ATE FOR MY 13TH BIRTHDAY!" I say jumping Toby and kissing him on the lips. Everyone is " Awwwwing" us and when we pull apart he says

" you taste really good"

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