Chapter 10

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GUYS!!!! Thank you soooooo much! I woke up this morning to like over 50 notifications for this story... This made my day so I decided to update early!!!!! Thank you so much! Okay you don't want to keep hearing me so here is the chapter.

Tobias pov:

The initiates are all in their dorms and the pit is full of drunk teens and adults. The chasm however is empty. I walk out of my apartment and towards the chasm. I get there and go down to the hidden outcove that I found mid way through initiation. I sit there and think, Beatrice, my Beatrice should be here with me right now. In my arms. We were supposed to be here together. But she's gone. She's gone. And one of my initiates, Tris, looks and acts so much like her. It hurts me. I start crying quietly. I love her so much. I always will even if she is dead. I start crying louder. I would never do this when people are around because then they would see just how broken I really am. I hear shuffles against the rocks and a small voice say "Four?" I look up with my eyes wide and see her. Tris. I quickly try to hide the fact I was crying and put on my 'instructor face.' " what are you doing out of the dorms initiate? It's after lights out!" I yell at her angrily, even though I'm really not. She doesn't even flinch when I say this, she just rolls her eyes and sits down next to me. This surprises me.

"Four just drop the act, I can see right through it. So now, are you going to tell me what's wrong or are you going to just sit there and act all scary when you really aren't?" At this I realize, I've been caught. Only Beatrice could do that. I sigh and say " someone was supposed to be my initiate this year, but she- she died" I say with tears running down my cheeks. How could my walls I took so long to build up, be broken by a small girl that I have known for a day? It doesn't make any since. " I'm sorry" she says. I suddenly feel anger bubble up inside of me, though I don't know where it came from, " You don't know how it feels! Why do you care?" I ask. I immediately regret what I said when Her face goes pale and crocodile tears start falling down her cheeks as she closes her eyes trying to stop them. I can tell I just hit a touchy subject for her. She looks into my eyes for a few seconds before looking down and choking out " I do know how you feel, I lost my... um my boyfriend." Oh man that makes me feel like the biggest jerk of all jerks. I am acting like the candor right now, no filter. She knows exactly how I feel. I lost my girlfriend and she lost her boyfriend. What confuses me is abnegation kids aren't supposed to date. That's why me and Bea hid our relationship.

" I'm sorry, I didn't know." I say. She responds quickly saying "No it's okay, but we should probably go back now." I stand up and offer her a hand to help her up. She grabs it and I automatically feel small fireworks exploding within me. No. No.No. I will not fall for anyone after Bea. I can not leave her behind. I don't want to move on. Once she is up there is this awkward silence because I'm almost positive she felt what I felt. She breaks the tension when she says "I'll race you to the top." I small smile spreads across my face

" okay" I say. " on 3, one two-" and then she runs. Everything inside of me stops.


She can't be.

That's impossible.

She's dead.


It was a lie.

There is only one way to know for sure.

By now she is turned around giving me a questioning look.

I slowly move my eyes down to her left hand.

There it is

What I never thought I would see again

The ring

Bea's promise ring.

Beatrice is Tris

Tris is Beatrice

I was that boyfriend.

Her death,

Was a lie.

She sees me staring at her ring and blushes. She's so beautiful. She never believes me when I say it but it's true. It's the kind of beautiful you just can't stay away from. You always want to be around it. I've missed it so much. Tears start pouring down my cheeks. "Wha-" she is about to ask but I run up to her and kiss her. She immediately pushes me away. "Four! I'm sorry but no!" She lifts up the hand with her ring on it.

" Four I Made a promise, he might be dead , but I'm still wearing this promise ring and always will so doesn't that kind of show I'm not moving on?!" She asks. I can't help it when a smile forms on my face. " you know, I made a problem to once,to marry my girlfriend in dauntless. I still carry around her engagement ring even if she is 'dead'."

Now I do what I have been wanting to do for a long time. I reach into my pocket for the ring and get down on one knee. She gasps and tears start pouring down her cheeks. She remembers. This gives me more confidence. "Beatrice Prior, ever since I met you I have always loved you, whether it's just as a friend or more. It broke my heart to know that I would have to leave you for two years, but I knew in order for us to have our happily ever after in dauntless, we had to separate. Then I got a visit from your Father one day and he told me that you were dead. It killed me on the inside, so I decided to become Four, to mask my emotions. While on the inside I couldn't kill an ant. Then you came, you reminded me so much of her. It just killed me. And then just now you started running away after only counting to two. that's how I knew it was you. So Beatrice Prior, would you do me the honor of becoming Beatrice Eaton?" She is now sobbing and I am smiling at how beautiful she is. All she does is nod her head up and down quickly. I pull her into a hug and she returns it. When We pull apart I take her hand and take her promise ring off and then slide on her engagement ring. I wipe away her tears and look into her eyes getting lost in them. I kiss her and she kisses back. Then I suddenly realize something which Makes me feel extremely nervous.

I have to tell her.

Okay so I decided I wanted to do this chapter Tobias's pov also so we can see his side! I hope you guys liked it! Can you guys maybe give me some ideas for what can happen? What do you think Tobias is hiding that he has to tell her?

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