Chapter 9

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Tris pov:

I am in the dorms laying in bed. Everyone is sleeping except for me. It is after lights out for initiates. I just sit there and think about Tobias. I wonder what it would be like if I were here right now. He would probably be sneaking out with me. He would take me somewhere romantic. I try to guess where he would take me. The trains. No. The pit. No. The kitchen. Maybe. All of these would be nice things to do, but I just don't think any of those a would be it.

The chasm. He would take me to the chasm. He was always trying to be so romantic. I feel a tear fall down my cheek. I know it's lights out and I could get caught, but I need to take a walk.

I find myself walking towards the chasm. I get there and just stand at the railing looking over and thinking. I hear whimpering. I look around, but can not find the source. I decide to follow the sound. I start walking down a little hidden path I didn't notice until now. The cries become more audible as I near the end of the path. After a few more steps I see someone sitting In a small little outcove with their head in their hands crying. But it's not just anyone, it's Four.

" Four?" I ask. He looks up and his eyes widen. He puts on his scary instructor face and says

" what are you doing out of the dorms initiate? It's after lights out!" He says in a deadly tone. I roll my eyes and sit down next to him. " Four just drop the act, I can see right through it. So now, are you going to tell me what's wrong or are you just going to sit here and act all scary when you really aren't?" I say. His expression softens. He sighs, " someone was supposed to be my initiate this year, but she- she died." He says sadly. " I'm sorry." I say. " you don't know how it feels, do why do you care?" He asks mad. I can't help it when tears start pouring down my cheeks. I look up and look into his eyes that looks so much like Toby's. I look down and say " I do know how you feel, I lost my... Um my boyfriend." I say with hot tears pouring down my cheeks. " I'm sorry I didn't know." He says. " No, it's okay. We should probably go back now" I say. He nods and stands up. He grabs my hand and I feel the sparks I have only ever felt with Tobias. I think he felt them too. To break up the awkward moment I say "I'll race you to the top." I say. " okay" he smiles. Then I say " on 3. One two-" I start running, but when I look back and see that his face is pale and his eyes are wide. I turn around giving him a questioning look. His eyes make their way down to my hand. I look at my promise ring and blush. I look down and then back up at him. He is looking into my eyes while tears pour down his face. " Wha-" he cuts me off by running up to me and surprisingly kissing me. I don't kiss back, but push him away.

" Four! I'm sorry but no!"

I lift up my hand to show him my finger. " Four, I made a promise, he might be dead, but I'm still wearing this promise ring and always will so doesn't that kind of show that I am not moving on?!" I ask. When I say this he smiles. Then he says " you know I made a promise too once, to marry my girlfriend in Dauntless. I still carry around her engagement ring with me even if she is ' dead '. " He puts quotation marks around the word dead. What he does next blows me away. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ring box and gets down on one knee. " Beatrice Prior, ever since I met you I have always loved you, whether it's just as a friend or more. It broke my heart to know that I would have to leave you for two years, but I knew in order for us to have our happily ever after in dauntless, we had to separate. Then I got a visit from your Father one day and he told me that you were dead. It killed me on the inside, so I decided to become Four, to mask my emotions. While on the inside I couldn't kill an ant. Then you came, you reminded me so much of her. It just killed me. And then just now you started running away after only counting to two. that's how I knew it was you. So Beatrice Prior, would you do me the honor of becoming

Beatrice Eaton?" By now I am full on sobbing. I can't say anything so just nod my head up and down vigorously. He comes over and hugs me. He takes my shaking hand, takes off my promise ring and slides a new ring that have a diamond that is the color of his eyes onto my finger. He wipes the tears from my eyes and he takes my face in his hands and kisses me passionately. The only difference is, this time

I kiss back.

This chapter makes me so happy and I hope it made you guys happy to!

So now it's official: FOURTRIS!!!!

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