Chapter 5

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Tobias pov:

I am in my new apartment trying to decide what job to choose. I ranked first in initiation so I can have any job, but I don't want a job high up in the government because I don't want all that responsibility and I do not want to have to face Marcus because he is the leader in Abnegation. I think I will work in the control room and train the initiates next year. I just can't wait for Tris to get here. While everyone else will see the Four side of me, she will get to see the side she fell in love with. I hear a knock on my door and say

" come in." I am surprised when I see Andrew Prior at the door.

" Tobias Eaton?" He asks. I gulp as I wonder what he is doing here " that's me." I respond. " Well, I'm very sorry to inform you that my daughter Beatrice has been killed. She was trying to come visit you on visiting day in dauntless, but was killed when she didn't make it onto the train. You did not deserve to know her. I knew you two used to sneak off together, and now she's dead all because of you." He says getting in my face. After staring at each for a few seconds he turns around and stomps out of my apartment. Beatrice, my Bea is dead. It is my fault. Ya. Its my fault. I sink to the my knees and sob.

This is all my fault.

This is all my fault.

This is all my fault.

Okay I know this really short and a big cliff hanger so I am trying to write more chapters right now so that I will be ahead and be able to update more often! So hang in there! I promise I will update ASAP!!!!

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