Chapter 24: Epilogue

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Tobias pov:

It has been 5 years since my beautiful Tris passed away. She told me to move on, but all of this time I have been grieving. Now I am sick of spending all my time closed in. My friends are always trying to help me, but I haven't let them. I still wear my engagement ring.

Jeanine, Andrew, and Marcus are still locked up in prison for what they did.

Al jumped off the chasm after what he did to Tris.

Christina and Will are married and have a daughter named

Zeke and Shauna are engaged.

Marlene and Uriah are married and Marlene is pregnant with a boy.

Caleb married Cara, so now the Prior family name will live on.

I didn't think I could love anyone as much as I loved Tris ever again. But I was wrong. I believed that lie up until now.

I walk into the adoption center, and a little baby girl catches my eye. I pick her up in my arms. She looks only to be about a month old. She has blue eyes that are the color of the sky and brunette hair with natural blond highlights.

We both have one thing in common.
Being left by a loved one.

I automatically know that she is the one.

I walk up to the lady at the front desk and say " Id like to adopt her." She slightly looks up at the baby, but keeps her head down.

" okay, what would you like to name her?" Her voice is gentle, but strong. I respond immediately.

"Beatrice, her name will be Beatrice."

The woman looks up and I can see her face. She has beautiful grey-blue eyes.
And then I notice a small scar on the left side of her cheek.


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