Chapter 3

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Tris pov: 13 years old( turning 13)

It has been 3 years since Toby told me about Marcus. Tobias has his choosing Ceremony in about a year and will turn 16 in that time, but today is my 13th birthday. People in Abnegation don't celebrate birthdays. I walk out of school and me and Toby go to alley 46. He hasn't said anything about my birthday, I'm a little sad because we always remember each other's birthday. Oh well. Me and Toby throw knives and shoot guns. We hit dead in the center every time. It's going to be really hard not having anybody to do this with for 2 years. We decide to fight, so we walk Into the ring and get into a fighting position. We have both gotten very good at fighting and hand to hand combat lately, but he is still stronger than me but I am faster. I try to tire him out, but he sees what I'm doing and goes for my hair. I scream " owwwww Toby!!!! Let go! That hurts!" He laughs and lets go. I am walking out of the ring when he grabs me by the waist and pulls me into him and whispers " happy birthday" and kisses my cheek. I smile and think I have the best friend in the whole world. " Aw, thanks Bea, you're the best friend in the world too." Wait, did I say that out loud? "Yes" he laughs.
" I need to learn to control that or people will start mistaking me for a candor smart- mouth." He laughs again his hands around my clasped around my small body. He rocks me back and forth and I turn around so that I can see his face. He is smiling down at me and I smile back, And lay my head on his chest, and arms around his large body. I close my eyes as Tobias hugs me and continues rocking me back and forth." Thank you" I say
" For what?" he asks
"For everything, being my best friend, helping me train, being there for me." I say. I look up and see he is smiling looking into my eyes. I stare back and kiss him on the cheek, but this time, I feel a little tingle go through my body. I pull back and continue staring into his eyes. " I'm going to miss you so much when you are gone. With you being 15 that only leaves us with one more year together." I can't help it when tears start pouring down my face. He goes in to kiss all of them. I feel that same tingle again. I wonder if he feels this too. I sigh and wipe away my tears and pull away from Toby. " Hey I got you a present." He says excitedly.
"Toby you didn't have to do that!"
" I know, but I wanted to." He says as he pulls something out of a bag.
I look closer and see it's candy.
" O my gosh Toby!!!! Candy? I've always wanted to try candy." Everyone in the other factions can have it whenever they want, but because it is self-indulgent to eat food even when we do not need it, so we eat plain food.
" It's called chocolate, let's eat it!" He says eagerly. We open it up and split it in half. " On 3, one, two-" I stuff it into my mouth. " Ugh Bea you always do that! Like the first day we met!" he says. I just laugh. We continue eating out chocolate and pout whenever it's gone. " Remember when it was in this package?" Tobias says. I sigh and say
"Ya those were good times." We both laugh. We both stand up from where we were sitting. I hug him as I say
" thank you for doing this." I say and kiss his cheek. I feel the tingle again and look into his eyes to see if he felt it too. He must understand what I'm looking for because he gives me a small nod. He puts one foot behind him but loses his balance and falls, but I also fall with him because we were holding onto each other. I am on top of him and we are both laughing. I get off of him and we sit side by side looking into each other's eyes. I see him slowly leaning in trying to see if I am alright with what he is about to do. I answer his question by meeting him In the middle. When our lips touch I feel these electric sparks going through my body and I think I might explode. We are kissing for about 10 seconds when he pulls back. He looks into my eyes and pulls my forehead up to his and says " you know this wasn't just a friendly gesture right?" I laugh and just go back to his lips. I slowly stand up still kissing him. He follows suit and I wrap my arms around his neck and he lifts me up so that my legs are wrapped around his waist. He pushes me up against a wall over and over again. And I moan his name onto his lips. He slides his tongue along my lips begging for entrance and I let him. My hands slide up his shirt and I rub up and down. That's when things click into place for me. I am kissing my best friend. I just turned 13 and he is 15. He's choosing in a year. Then I lose him until my choosing ceremony. I pull back and put my forehead onto his. The words escaped my lips before I could stop them, but I meant every word

"I love you"
His eyes open and he looks into mine.
"Really?" he asks.
"Yes" I say.
" I love you too. I have wanted to tell you that since the day you found out about Marcus." He says. My eyes widen. "That long?" I ask.
"Yes" he says.
There is a long silence until I say
" Promise me we will always be best friends."

"I promise"

Yayyyyy!!! They are together... But they are not Fourtris yet. Four and Tris are not who they are yet so I shall call them

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